Ten Unusual Wall Mounted Heads That Are Not From Real Animals

I have never seen a wall mounted head of a real animal. The hunters way of showing what they managed to hunt, shoot then kill. To be honest, that just isn’t for me, I prefer animals to be alive, running around the place than stuck on a wall. So maybe those people that do have a real animal on the wall should think about owning ones of these instead…



Wall Mounted Knitted Pigs Head
Wall Mounted Knitted Pigs Head

10 – Pig

It is much better to knit your own animals than go out killing them, and it will give you something to do during hunting season as well! This does come in kit form not built.

Wall Mounted Dr. Seuss-style animals

9 – Dr. Seuss-style animals

Sadly the animals that live in books like Dr. Seuss don’t really exist, but if they did someone would want to hunt them and this is most probably what it would look like!

Wall Mounted Wooden Crocodile

8 – Crocodile

Most people who love fishing have that story of “the one that got away” but why not pretend that indeed it didn’t get away and you hooked it in and wall mounted its head! This is no so believable if you caught it in the river Thames, but sill a good idea none the less!

Wall Mounted Wooden Giraffe

7 – Giraffe

I have no idea why on earth anyone would want a handcrafted faux giraffe head on their living room wall, but I am sure there is someone out there would love this as a gift!

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Wall Mounted Wooden Stag

6 – Wooden Stag

With Christmas just around the corner, this wall mounted wooden stag head can easily be painted like a reindeer and for half the price as one that is called a reindeer! Build it, stick it on the wall and you have yourself the perfect decoration, wall mounted piece.

Wall Mounted Planter

5 – Planter

What makes this wall mounted head so special is that inside the “brain” area is, in fact, a hanging plant holder! So when the plant grows (like the cactus) it looks like hair!

Wall Mounted Zombie

4 – Zombie

Sorry to all those that find this a little too disturbing for words, but the quality of it really is worth bringing to you all. Sure they are expensive, but this is a movie special effects quality head mount to show everyone your Zombie hunting prowess.

Wall Mounted Shark

3 – Shark

If you have ever dreamed of capturing a great white shark, but you don’t want to hurt the animal (and it would be scary anyway)  this might well be the perfect gift for you.

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Wall Mounted Dragon

2 – Dragon

Not only a cool wall mounted dragon, but also a rather amazing wall light! Made by “Dan the Monster-man” it is in fact made of paper Mache! Some people are so creative it hurts!

Wall Mounted T-Rex

1 – Tyrannosaurus Rex

It would take one mean hunter to take down a T-Rex, but then again maybe it would be quite easy because of its size! Whatever the way, this fun wall mount is sure to get some looks and maybe the respect of other fellow hunters.

Author: Gus Barge

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