Ten of the Very Best Video Slots Worth Playing Right Now

Ten of the Very Best Video Slots Worth Playing Right Now

When it comes to video slots, there are so many titles released all the time that it can be difficult to pick the best ones. It’s also important to remember that each game has different features that different people will like. So, the top 10 can be a subjective experience. We’ve put together what we think are the top 10 best slots of the moment for you to look over.

Mega Moolah

It goes without saying that Mega Moolah is a hugely popular slot at almost any online casino you can think of. While the standard game that it offers isn’t anything too special, what it does have is an incredible payout for players to aim for. Mega Moolah is one of the two top-paying slot games on the market at the moment. This makes Mega Moolah a game that a lot of players look to try out.

NFT Megaways

This is one of the newer games on the market. It has a crypto theme and provides one of the most fun features around, Megaways. Here, players have the ability to play with up to 200,000 paylines on the reels. This means that a huge number of wins can be created, which gives players the chance for some amazing wins. In fact, even though the game isn’t a progressive jackpot game, it still gives players the ability to win up to 10,000 times their stake.

Thunderstruck II

This is the follow-up to Thunderstruck. It offers an improvement on the original in a number of different ways. Firstly, there are more paylines available to players, which means that there are more opportunities to create wins. Secondly, the free spins round has been expanded to provide more fun. It’s genuinely an improved offering when compared to the original, which was a classic in its own right.

Mega Fortune

This is another progressive jackpot slot. It provides players with the opportunity to grab some incredible wins and is also a lot of fun. Mega Fortune is one of the biggest names in the slot world, and if you want to compete for big wins, then this is the game for you.


Starburst is without a doubt one of the most well-known and well-loved video slot games in history. Players across a huge number of different casinos love Starburst for what it has to offer. What makes it so much fun is the fact that players have the ability to grab re-spins on every single spin. On top of this, the middle three reels can be turned completely wild to create some incredible wins. It really is one of the classics when it comes to video slots. If you want something fun to get started with in the world of slots, then Starburst is definitely the game you should be playing.

Ten of the Very Best Video Slots Worth Playing Right Now

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is another classic slot. It gives players one of the most enjoyable game mechanics on the market. It creates wins using paylines just like other slots, but it adds a cascading reels feature. This means that whenever a win is created, new symbols will fall into place and potentially create additional wins. If Gonzo’s Quest grabs your attention, then there’s also a Megaways version of the game that updates the original with some fun new features.

Sweet Bonanza

This is a really enjoyable slot. It’s full of bright colours and has a fantastic candy-based theme. What really helps this game stand out is the fact that the volatility of the game can be adjusted to suit your own needs. What really distinguishes Sweet Bonanza from other titles on the market is that it has a huge maximum payout in place. At over 20,000 times the player stake, this is a game that can create some truly incredible wins. There are lots of other games on the market that perhaps provide a slightly more innovative set of features, but there are very few out there that can offer a maximum payout as high as Sweet Bonanza.

Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza is a fishing-based game that provides players with a huge amount of fun. What really makes this title stand out is the incredible free spins round. What makes the free spins round so fantastic is that every additional time it’s triggered, the multipliers that are offered increase – up to 10 times can be applied to wins. This means that there are some fantastic wins available when you manage to get into the bonus round.

Wolf Gold

There are a lot of animal-themed slots on the market, but few of them provide as much fun as Wolf Gold. There are some great bonus rounds included, and the wolf acts as a wild symbol, helping to create a lot of wins. On top of the superb features within the game is a jackpot round. Here, players can win one of three different jackpots, which pay out more than can be won during the standard game. It might be a little bit simpler than some other games on the market, but it provides a lot of fun to ensure that players are kept engaged the entire time.

Book of Dead

This is a Rich Wilde game and is in fact the first in the series. Although there have been sequels released, this game still stands up to other games on the market. It has some fantastic visuals, great features and some superb wins. This is definitely a slot that has helped to bring players to the market, and it’s likely to keep doing so in the future. If you want to enjoy a slice of video slot history, then Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead is one of the best places to start.

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