Top 10 Video Slot Variations You Should Try

Top 10 Video Slot Variations You Should Try

Slot games have come a long way since the first machine was created in the 1890s. While the original Liberty Bell slot was a simple, manually-operated device, we can now choose from a rich variety of online video slots that are suitable for just about every taste.

1. Megaways Reels

One of the biggest innovations in online casinos in recent years has been the introduction of the Megaways mechanic by Big Time Gaming.

While video slots have traditionally had 5 or 6 fixed reels, these games have a fluid layout where the number of reels and columns varies on each spins. This leads to a variable number of ways to win and a more volatile slots experience.

2. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots tend to be the biggest prizes available on those games that offer them. This is a jackpot that grows every time someone plays it, until a player eventually claims the full amount and it resets to zero.

These slots are often marked in the casino lobby or have their own tab, to make them easier for players to find. In the case of titles like Ronin and Ares: The Battle of Troy, this jackpot can be won on a random basis on any spin.

3. Fixed Jackpots

Unlike progressive jackpots, these games have a fixed amount that can be won as a jackpot. This prize is claimed when you meet certain conditions, such as getting a winning combination of the most valuable symbols of completing a bonus round.

Some of them even have several jackpots of different sizes that you can win depending upon the outcome of your spin.

4. Retro Slots

The recent interest in retro video games and consoles hasn’t been lost on slots developers, who have created retro slots that take us back in time. These games can be set up with just 3 reels, or they feature classic slots symbols like fruits and bells.

Another approach sees a shiny, neon look and retro music used. 777 Deluxe is a good example of a game of this type.

5. Slots with Bonus Games and Features

The use of bonus games helps to make slots more varied and interesting to play, so it is no surprise to see that many of them now include this feature.

They may involve picking items to find out what you have won or filling up a meter, like the one on Amigos Fiesta, to earn multipliers. They add greatly to the gameplay and variety of any slot, so are well worth looking for.

6. Slots with a Bonus Wheel

A classic wheel of fortune style mini-game is also used to add some extra spice to slots these days. This wheel is usually unlocked when you complete an action such as getting a bonus symbol or earning a win. Spin the wheel and you win the prize shown on the segment where it stops.

This feature is also sometimes used as a way of giving you a final challenge before you claim the slot’s jackpot.

7. Themed Slots

The truth is that the majority of modern online slots are based on themes that are created to appeal to different types of players. Ancient Egypt is one of the most successful themes and can be seen on games such as Gods of Giza and A Night with Cleo.

Other hugely popular themes include Roman emperors, Greek Gods, pirates, and trips to the green fields of Ireland.

8. Slots with Free Spins

Since the vast majority of online slots now offer a free spins round, this is one of the features you will come across more often than not when playing. However, they are definitely easier to obtain in some games than in others.

This round is commonly triggered by getting 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You will then be awarded a fixed number of free spins, which can also come with extra bonuses such as a win multiplier, extra wild symbols, or an enhanced version of the paytable.

9. Slots with Wild Symbols

Another type of slot you won’t have too much trouble finding is one with wild symbols on it. These are the equivalent of joker cards, as they help you complete winning combinations by standing in for any other paying symbol.

This symbol comes in a variety of guises, from the most basic wilds that occupy a single space on the reels to those that expand or move across the screen in certain situations.

10. Mobile Slots

Finally, the recent rise in popularity of mobile casinos has led to mobile slots becoming more sought-after.
These are games that have either been created on a mobile-first basis or else optimized for mobile use, on platforms like Bovada for example.

You can video poker games at Bovada on your phone comfortably. Playing in this way adds enormously to the sense of freedom and flexibility offered by modern video slots.

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