Top 10 Unusual Tourist Attractions In The Netherlands

The Netherlands might be a small country in Western Europe, but there is enough to see and do to keep tourists happy year after year, making it one of Europes top tourist destinations. But why not take a walk on the unusual side and see something not many others have seen…



The Moses Bridge, North Brabant
The Moses Bridge, North Brabant

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This amazing sunken style bridge is the only way to the Dutch fort that is also well worth a visit. 2 for the price of 1!

Slauhoffbrug, Leeuwarden

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A rather unusual geographical layout needed a bridge that could lift a road, but from the side of the road instead of over it. This is the result of that and it is well worth seeing.

Netherlands Venice, Giethoorn

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Not only is there this house that looks like a dog, but it is also the only village in Europe that is only accessible by boats!

The Tulip Fields, Keukenhof

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It might be seasonal, and it might not be that unusual. But the tulip fields of Keukenhof are one of the most amazing things to see in The Netherlands and a must for any budding photographer.

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The Abandoned Castle, Almere

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Once upon a time, there were plans to make this a luxury castle style Hotel. But sadly the investor’s money ran out and it is now just home to ghost stories and birds.

Shoe House, Veenpark

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Remember the old lady who lived in a shoe? Well, this was her house. Or maybe it was built inspired by the rhyme.

Lego Church, Enschede

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OK, so it’s not real giant Lego bricks, but it still looks amazing and there are not many churches made from Lego in the world!

Bolwoningen Houses, Hertogenbosch

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Not only home to some weird Space Ball style houses, but also some cool looking scrubbing brush benches!

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The Excalibur Tower, Groningen

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Even if you don’t have the stomach to climb, it is still well worth watching people scramble up to the top of it.

Capsule Hotels, The Hague

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If you plan to visit the unusual why not stay in the unusual as well. These hotel rooms look like something from a James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ (at the end, the floating life raft).

Author: Gus Barge

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