Top 10 Handy but Very Unusual Tape Dispensers

There is an art to present wrapping. From tucking in the corners to folding the paper over to it is neat and tidy. But the biggest problem I have is trying to tear off a piece of tape while doing all that at the same time. That is why today I am looking for a tape dispenser, but I want one that will make me smile during the madness of present wrapping…



Cassette Tape Tape Dispenser
Cassette Tape Tape Dispenser

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For those retro fans out there comes tape from a tape! Let us hope it is more sticky than the black stuff they used to put inside those cassettes.

Scotch Dog Tape Dispenser

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This one has been around for a while now, but it still makes me smile even today. It’s the sticky tongue that makes me smile.

High Heel Shoe Tape Dispenser

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For the shoe-loving divas out there comes this handy tape holder that will help you wrap all those shoes you are wrapping for yourself in order to justify buying them.

Tape Measure Tape Dispenser

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For those DIY fans who like to use just the right amount of tape comes this very handy and pocket-friendly tape dispenser.

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Cocktail Tape Dispenser

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I know more than a few people who will be on the real thing while wrapping their gifts, so maybe this will help them stay a little less merry before Christmas as even begun.

Steamroller Tape Dispenser

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With my wrapping my gifts to people often look like they have been run over by a Steamroller, so for me, this one is perfect.

Snail Tape Dispenser

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For those who like to take their time comes this rather handy mollusc that is all too happy to help.

Lego Tape Dispenser

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Not only neatly stackable but also very handy for people who like to use multiple sorts of tape. Some people take present wrapping far too seriously.

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Penny Farthing Tape Dispenser

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One for your grandparents here, or maybe for someone who always dresses as they live in the 1940s.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

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Christmas is a magical time of the year and this tape dispenser is certainly magical. Just not very festive. Still, it is sure to make sure smile while wrapping up all those gifts you hope people will love.

Author: Gus Barge

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