When it comes to Mexican night food nothing says Mexico quite like a taco. Simply stuff your tortilla with the filling of your choice and away you go. So it is no wonder people keep on coming up with weird and unusual recipes to try…



Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Breakfast Waffle Taco

10 – Waffle – www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/11308706/Fancy-a-waffle-taco-The-weirdest-hybrid-dishes-of-2014.html

Forget the common flour tortilla here this is a super-sized waffle taco with sausage and egg filling. What a great way to start the day. Well, I think so anyway.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Volcano Taco with Lava Sauce

9 – Volcano – www.seriouseats.com/2009/06/taco-bell-volcano-taco-returns-lava-sauce-fast-food-double-beef-burrito.html

Officially one of the most unusual and indeed hottest tacos Taco Bell have on their menu is this “volcano” one. Sadly there are very few Taco Bell restaurants here in the UK so for me personally, it might well remain the stuff of taco dreams.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Peanut Butter S’More Tacos

8 – Peanut Butter – www.kammyskorner.com/2012/09/peanut-butter-smore-tacos.html

I am not so sure I would want to try a dessert taco, but I must admit this does look delicious with a flour tortilla spread with peanut butter and filled with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows it is my kind of snack! May be used as a pudding after normal Mexican tacos.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Apple Pie Tacos Recipe

7 – Apple Pie – asparkofcreativity.com/2015/01/05/apple-pie-tacos-recipe

These sweet and savoury apple pie tacos look delicious. With a cinnamon taste and crunchy tortillas and apples, it is said to melting in your mouth. And who am I to disagree with that. Maybe a taste test is needed.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Raw Food Tacos

6 – Lettuce Leaf Tacos – www.foodista.com/blog/2009/11/06/raw-tacos

If you are starting a new, healthy raw lifestyle why not try these tacos that are made from lettuce leaves! They are meat-free, gluten-free and a super tasty vegan-friendly meal idea!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Chicken Bacon Ranch Ramen Taco

5 – Ramen Noodles – thevulgarchef.com/2014/06/09/more-ramen-tacos

You know you are a food master when it comes to making some of these bad boys. And it is all down to the most artistic style of The Vulgar Chef, simply amazing.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Ice Cream Waffer Tacos

4 – Waffers – www.flickr.com/photos/eastofnyc/7177377188

Sadly there is no recipe or making guide to go with this image, but as they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and tacos that look this good don’t have to say anything.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Bug Tacos At Don Bugito

3 – Bugs – www.laweekly.com/restaurants/don-bugito-nouveau-bug-cuisine-2381036

With more and more hungry mouths to feed each year it is a strain on the planet’s resources, so a lot of people think eating creepy crawlies offers a simple solution! But this isn’t the future food this is now at Don Bugito, San Francisco

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Chocolate Tacos

2 – Chocolate – www.cravingsofalunatic.com/2014/10/chocolate-tacos.html

This amazing dessert taco is filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries. And if the sound of that filling wasn’t enough to make you want to lick the screen it is a magnolia lace cookie taco keeping it all in!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Taco Recipes

Pasta Bacon Taco Hybrid

1 – Pasta Bacon – www.trendhunter.com/trends/www.trendhunter.com-the-tantalizing-taco

What the world of tacos is missing is a macaroni and cheese filling! But you are in luck with this double-decker style meal. No matter what is in them it is the two bacon-woven tacos that really stand out.


Which one did you like?

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