Ten of the Worlds Strangest and Most Unusual Staple Removers

When it comes to office stationery that needs to be messed around and played with it is the humble staple remover. Those snappy teeth mean it can be just about any animal you want it to be. So it is really any great surprise that they come in some rather unusual and creative styles…


Top 10 Strange and Unusual Staple Removers
Dragon Staple Remover

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Sadly the image is a little blurry, but I think you get a general idea. This is a (got 5 mins spare) style Mr Maker staple remover make-over. With just a few things like paper, glue, facial tissue, sandpaper and rough primer! You should already have all those things on the office desk already!

Magnetic Stapler Remover

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This is most probably the most modern, designer looking staple remover you are ever going to see. And to be honest it doesn’t cost the earth either. So if like me you are a person that makes a lot of mistakes and needs to remove staples often, this might well be the perfect bit of stationery for you.

Hippopotamus Stapler & Staple Remover

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This little hippos set would have been much higher up this list, but sadly I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them. But they are far too cool not to share with everyone so here they are.

Safari Staple Remover

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Get this fun Safari staple remover to add some jungle fun to your office! With It comes in 6 different animals skin patterns so there is one for everyone’s inner animal. Plus it will look a lot nicer than all those boring staple removers. (Which will probably mean it gets pinched more.)

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Frog Pond Staple Remover

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Sadly it doesn’t seem like you can buy this amazing frog pond style staple remover, but for weird and creativity awards this wins on both counts. Just a shame it wouldn’t really fit anything else on the office desk.

Creative Staple Remover

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It might not be that unusual really, but it does have a fresh, modern design that you just don’t get with these classic pincher style staple removers. Just slide the front end of the machine under the staple, and when ready push down the handle

Rattlesnake Staple Remover

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For most of us, the thing that staple removers remind us most of is, of course, a snake. So why bother using up all that creative and imagination juice when you could just buy one of these instead.

Lobster Claw Staple Remover

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I never thought of pretending these staple removers were lobster claws before, so it came as a pleasant surprise to me that someone thought that is what they looked like and decided to make them.

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Crocodile Staple Remover

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We have all pretended that staple removers are crocodiles, haven’t we? Well even if you haven’t you no longer need to pretend that it is one anyway, because you can now buy one shaped like a croc. This one does look amazing and well worth the money.

T-Rex Stapler Remove

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Maybe it is just my childish mind, but I have been pretending that these staple removers were dinosaurs since I was in school! So why not turn the mundane task of removing staples into fun with these pewter staple removers by designer Jac Zagoory. Sure they are rather expensive, but the fun value would be worth it.

Author: Gus Barge

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