Ten Unusual Sandwich Bags to Keep Your Sarnies Fresh

Welcome sandwich enthusiasts and quirky kitchen gadget lovers! Are you tired of the same old boring sandwich bags that do little more than store your beloved sarnies? Fear not! Today, we’re diving into the world of the most unusual sandwich bags that not only promise to keep your sandwiches fresh but also add a dash of fun to your lunchbox. From eco-friendly marvels to designs that turn heads in the lunchroom, we’ve scoured the market to bring you ten sandwich bags that are anything but ordinary. So, grab your fillings and let’s get ready to transform your lunchtime experience with these game-changing finds!

Woodgrain Sandwich Bags

Woodgrain Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

There is just something about this wood grain effect reusable sandwich bag that made it stand out from the rest. Clean and fresh looking it would be perfect for someone on a meat-free diet and trying to get back to nature.

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Are you having some issues with people taking your sandwiches from the office fridge? Then why not get these sandwich bags that make it look like you have a mashed up bug in the sandwich!  Odd for sure, but also strangely cool.

Made With Love Sandwich Bags

Made With Love Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

It seems that one of the best things about making my own sandwiches is that they will be made with love (and butter!) So these sandwich bags with lipstick kisses is supposed to remind people of that and reward them with not buying processed food packaged in a factory somewhere! And this would be perfect as a valentines gift for sure.

Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

Crime Scene Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Why on earth you would want ‘Crime Scene’ or ‘quarantine’ enforcement tape going across your sandwiches is beyond me, but it does kind of look cool and is sure to make someone smile. The only crime about my own lunch is the price I paid for it!

Rainbow Sandwich Bags

Rainbow Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

In school, I remember that lunch times consisted or running around chasing girls with worms & spiders. But at what age did lunchtime become about eating?!? Anyway, why not relive those days with these cool-coloured sandwich bags with awesome stickers?

Hello Kitty Printed Sandwich Bags

Hello Kitty Printed Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

What better thing to keep those Hello Kitty pocket pies you made in from my post Kitty Party Foods than these cute looking Kitty White Sandwich bags! Sadly I couldn’t quite find the exact same ones for sale, but I did find some good kitty lunch bags.

Star Wars Sandwich Bag

Star Wars Sandwich Bag – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

To keep buying disposable sandwich bags when you could just buy one of these super cool Millennium Falcon inspires reusable ones instead! Although not one I would have included in my “Top 10 Millennium Falcon Items” it is still very cool if only in the world of sandwich bags.

Superman Ziplock Sandwich bags

Superman Ziplock Sandwich bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Sometimes when I am out and about looking for these top 10’s I come across something truly incredible, while these Super-Man inspired sandwich bags are just a concept design they are still amazing and if you click on the image it will take you “Daves geeky ideas”  it is a blog full of so much awesomeness I wanted to move into it!

Anti-Theft Moldy Sandwich Bags

Anti-Theft Mouldy Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

I have to admit that in all my years of working in offices and factory’s I have never had my sandwiches/lunch bag stolen. But it you have you can either beat everyone up until you get to the right person and get them to pay the hospital bills of everyone you beat to get to her or him plus some money for a new lunch, or just get these ‘mould bags’ and it should put off even the hardest of lunch thief’s. I still like the sound of the first option!

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

These brilliant ‘lunch disguises’ offer up some cool sandwich bag art but without the design/creative gene needed! For just a few pounds making my own sandwiches has never looked so much fun.

Author: Gus Barge

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