Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses

I have always been fascinated with octopuses. Their loving behaviour, high intelligence and record-breaking size and weight. So I would like you to join me as I deep-sea dive trying to discover some of the more amazing and unusual species of this incredible sea creature…



Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Blue Ring Octopus

10 – Genus Hapalochlaena –

The blue-ringed octopus species live in small tidal pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian sea. While not very big they are among the deadliest animals in the sea.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Benthic octopus

9 – Benthoctopus –

Benthoctopus is actually a genus of the deep-sea octopus who crawls over timbers within shipwrecks. Mainly seen in the Northeast Atlantic sea, very little is known about this rare and shy creature.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Blanket Octopus

8 – Tremoctopus –

The “blanket” part of this octopuses name is a reference to the long transparent webs stretched between the blanket octopus’ arms like vast blankets of flesh. When the octopus feels threatened, it displays them in their entirety making it look much larger than it actually is.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Hydrothermal Vent Octopus

7 – Vulcanoctopus Hydrothermal –

This small benthic octopus lives in superheated hydrothermal vents. Its eyes are covered by a thin semi-translucent skin that helps him see in the deepest of waters.

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Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Wolf Octopus

6 – Octopus Wolfi –

Known as the world’s smallest octopus, you can find this tiny octopus in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. But you might want to bring a magnifying glass.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Coconut Octopus

5 – Amphioctopus margins –

The coconut octopus is a medium-sized cephalopod that uses coconut shells as a ready-made shelter. It can also be pretty resourceful using just about any cover it can hide from predators.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Giant Pacific Octopus

4 – Enteroctopus Dofleini –

The Giant Pacific octopus of the North Pacific is one of the largest marine cephalopods on the planet. They can grow bigger and lives longer than any other octopus species, in fact, the record size for this species is a monster slaying 30 feet (9.1 meters) long!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Mimic Octopus

3 – Thaumoctopus Mimicus –

The mimic octopus got its name because it really can impersonate other species like fish and crabs! It lives exclusively in nutrient-rich estuarine bays of Indonesia and Malaysia only.

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Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Transparent Octopus

2 – Vitrelladonella Richardi –

This incredible and very rare species of the deep sea is totally translucent. While very might seem delicate they are quite a think skinned predator!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Octopuses
Dumbo Octopus

1 – Grimpoteuthis –

This is the Dumbo octopuses are so named for their likeness to the Disney elephant character. It lives some 6600 feet below the water’s surface and its just one of 37 different finned deep-sea octopuses.

Author: Gus Barge

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