Ten of the Craziest and Most Unusual Kettlebells You’ll Ever See

If you are into weight lifting or strength training you will know what a kettlebell looks like. This Russian born piece of fitness equipment was once used to weigh crops in the 18th century, but these days they are for growing muscles and generally getting fit. Most of them are nothing more than a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top, but why settle for the ordinary when you can have one of these crazy weird and unusual Kettlebells instead…

Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell – Buy Now on Amazon

I was surprised to learn you can also buy weight adjustable kettlebells which I thought was a great idea as it will save space and save you money if you are doing progressive training. There are quite a few to choose from and some are also very affordable, like this Functional Fitness model.

Breast Kettlebells

Breast Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

I’m just not sure what to say about this crazy set of kettlebells. They are of course shaped like boobs for maximum lifting potential. All I hope is that I never met a woman with 32KG boobs because it will not be something healthy for her!

Sand Kettlebells

Sand Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

One thing I never knew existed was sand-filled kettlebells. I have seen some cast iron ones filled with sand before, but never ones you have to fill yourself! You would have done more exercise filling the kettlebells up in the first place!

The Kettle Gryp

The Kettle Gryp – Buy Now on Amazon

We have already seen some amazing adjustable dumbbells, so why not turn all of them into kettlebells as well with this rather handy handle grip. I can just imagine the money this would save people, especially those working out at home.

LOVA Gold Kettlebells

LOVA Gold Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

This set of designer kettlebells from LOVA costs just over £9,700, but if you own a high-end home gym or fitness studio these should look the part. You also get the choice of beige, brown or black leather for the handles.

Primal Kettlebells

Primal Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

These animal-inspired kettlebells start you off small and light with a little Howler monkey, then a Chimpanzee, Orangatang, then a Gorilla, then once you can lift 90lbs you can become the ultimate primate, the silverback Gorilla.

Iron Skullbell

Iron Skullbell – Buy Now on Amazon

Produced by Ironskull Fitness these skulls are high-quality moulds of iron that most of us will need two hands to lift. You won’t be doing many grip lifts on one hand with these, but they will look great once you have a full set of them.

Ironman Kettlebell

Ironman Kettlebell – Buy Now on Amazon

This 40lb kettlebell is not only the coolest looking kettlebell you will ever see, but it is also high quality and hand-etched to make it look as good as possible. I think Tony Stark would almost definitely approve of these.

Zombie Kettlebells

Zombie Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

Have you ever wondered how much a zombies head would weigh? Well, I doubt it would be up to 72 lbs, but with this set of 3D printed and hand-finished kettlebells, you can learn to arm lift with the cast of the walking dead. Only I wouldn’t recommend them for newbies, especially if you plan to deadlift them!

KARBA Kettlebells

KARBA Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

We once again dip back into the designer style with these hand-crafted kettlebells from KARBA. They are almost a grad for each set, but they do go from 8KG all the way up to 31KG. Once you have the full set I am sure they would look very impressive.

YBell Kettlebells

YBell Kettlebells – Buy Now on Amazon

The YBell is a multifunctional, 4-in-1 fitness product with which you can do endless variations of Kettlebell exercises and unique YBell exercises. Normally, a change of grip is also a change of fitness tool. With Ybell you make endless movements without having to change training material meaning you can jump straight into the next exercise.

Do you use kettlebells for your fitness training? If you do why not leave a comment below with any tips and tricks you have learned over the years.

Author: Gus Barge

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