Ten Recipes for Colourful and Unusual Curry Dishes

When it comes to curries I am weak. Anything more than mild and I won’t touch it. So for me, it is curries like korma, lamb pasanda and mutter paneer. But I do want to try to expand my horizons when it comes to curries, so I thought I would take a look at what I think is…



Top 10 Colourful and Unusual Curry Recipes
Pink Curry Veggie Wrap

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This the power of beetroot. Done in a tasty looking curry wrap style with salad, leaf lettuce, chopped tomato, and cucumber it is light on the body, but yet also very filling.

Thai yellow curry with vegetables

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Yellow is the choice for me. Korma is what I normally have but this Thai yellow are both very mild and very tasty curries. Made using green chillies, ginger, nutmeg and my personal favourite coconut milk.

Black Curry

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This meal is a right mix up, and I don’t know what I find the worst! Is it the black colour, or is it that rather unsettled egg on top of it?!? Sadly there is no making guide to this, but I thought I would include it because of its amazing colour, showing that people really will eat all sorts!

Orange Curry of Halibut

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Made with super tasty halibut cut into large cubes, onions, garlic, tomatoes and anchovies, this is one very fishy curry. But as I am a lover of fish I am sure it is a taste sensation as well.

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Purple Cabbage Curry

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I love cabbage! And this very purple coloured curry is rammed full of it. Also containing green peas, onions and green Chillies it is a fully packed meal idea.

Blue Curry

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It has been proven that us humans will often “eat with our eyes” rather than our mouths, and that is where this blue (but apparently very tasty) curry comes into it. Severed only in Tokyo’s Tea Room 2525 it is a rare treat indeed.

Spicy Thai Red Curry Chicken

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This one might be a little too hot and spicy for me to try, but the vivid red colour looks amazing and the chicken really seems to soak it in.

Whole Brown Lentils Curry

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I do love a nice lentil curry, and this does look like a good one! Apparently, it does take quite a lot of prep time but worth trying if you have the spare time.

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White Curry

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Now, this looks like something I would be willing to try! Made with large, chunky bits of pork butt it apparently has a super creamy taste.

Thai Green Curry

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Nothing else was going to be my number 1 other than one of the worlds most loved curries. This meat-free one from Quorn is perfect for the whole family and can cost a lot less than many meat based ones!

Author: Gus Barge

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