Ten Tips for Finding The UK’s Best Betting Apps

Ten Tips for Finding The UK's Best Betting Apps

Online sports betting has gone mobile in a big way, and all the leading names in the industry have developed iOS and Android apps to ensure punters are never more than a few taps away from having a flutter.

Naturally, potential bettors want to know which app is the best, and with so many to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to begin. Ultimately, it’s impossible to declare an outright “best” app because each punter is looking for something different. This article will run through the main considerations to think about when choosing a betting app; then, you can compare all of the UK’s premium bookmakers at BettingLounge.co.uk to find the right one for you. 

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the most appealing aspects of betting online is the abundance of bonuses and promotions that punters can snap up. There’s everything from welcome offers and free bet clubs to odds boosts and insurance accumulators. However, terms and conditions vary from one bookie to the next, which makes some offers better than others. Before deciding on a betting app, it’s worthwhile comparing the bonuses to see where you can get the most value.

Range of Sports and Markets

There’s no point in downloading a betting app only to find out it doesn’t offer the sports you want to bet on. For example, there are a couple of betting sites that do not offer horse racing. After checking that the app covers your sporting interests, you also want to explore the range of betting options within that category. While all of the UK’s best betting apps provide extensive football betting coverage, you will find some bookmakers are better than others for basketball, tennis or golf betting.

Also if you are into NBA you can always turn to bitcoin NBA betting which is the fastest and most convenient way for placing bets online.

Low Betting Margins

Having a good variety of bonus offers is fantastic, but for everyday betting value, you want to choose a bookmaker that has low margins, which means its odds will be extremely competitive. It’s rare that one bookie will always offer the best prices; however, you can take an average when comparing different sites to see where you get the top odds.

Live Streaming and Other Features

Several of the top apps offer exceptional live streaming services, so you can watch horse racing, football, tennis, rugby, and much more. If this is something you are on the lookout for, survey the market to find the best options. Also, check what other features the apps offer, such as cash-out, bet builder, live score, and statistics. It’s these little things that enhance the user experience.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

What payment method do you intend to use? This is something to think about before downloading and signing up with a betting app. Check that the bookie accepts your preferred payment option, and also make sure it doesn’t charge any fees – most UK betting sites don’t, but still, you want to check.

Customer Service

If you’re new to online betting, the chances are you will have a question or two at some stage. Therefore, picking a bookmaker that provides round-the-clock customer support is imperative. Most sites offer live chat, which is the fastest way to get your queries answered.

UK Phone Support

Have you checked if a site has a UK phone support number? If not you might want to do so because you just never know when you might need to get in touch with them over the phone for help, advice or support.


While it is not essential for a UK betting site to have a localised bookies, it is always nice to know you have somewhere to go to if you need help. To be honest, a good customer support services or a UK phone help number will counteract this, but it’s still something worth thinking about.


More and more people are using human reviews as a stable mount to how good a site is. ITs worth noting that you should never read the onsite reviews as they are often “purified”, but any trusted review site should be a lot more reliable.

Gut Instinct

While this sounds like a useful tip you really should use it more often than you think. Is a bonus too good to be true? Does the site offer odds that are much, much higher than the competition? If you feel in your gut that you can’t trust a site nine times out of ten your own gut instinct is usually correct.

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