Top 10 Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Top 10 Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos attract their customers with various bonuses. Punters can enjoy multiple games with a small deposit coupled with bonus incentives. Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer, you will find a bonus ideal for you.

But it would help if you were careful with the casino bonus you choose. Some bonuses come when you sign in on an online casino for the first time. You receive others like the reload bonus after reloading your account. Log in to reputable casino reviews platforms such as Jackpotslayer to know the online casinos with the best bonus offer.

This guide will give you insight into the top online casino bonuses. They include the following;

1. Welcome Bonus

Another name for it is the sign-up bonus. As the name denotes, games receive it when they sign up with the online casino offering it. The bonus works out great in attracting new clients.

Welcome bonuses come in various forms. But in whatever way an online casino offers it, the bonus offers an additional perk to the player as an incentive to sign up.

The bonus comes with a promo code. You should input the code before depositing or as per the instructions of the casino. Also, there’s an expiry period for the bonus. Check it out and act before it expires.

2. Wager-Free Bonuses

Punters love them. They are freebies offered by online casinos after a particular achievement. It entails playing a game without accomplishing any wagering requirements. You only need to deposit money in your account and receive the bonus. Then use it. Examples include;

  • Free spins
  • Match bonus

But other limitations like a maximum win limit may apply. Nevertheless, they are a great offer.

3. Reload Bonuses

3. Reload Bonuses

Some online casinos offer a bonus every time you reload your account. A ‘reload’ is any deposit you make after your first deposit. The bonus could be equivalent to or half of the amount you deposit. As a result, gamers can enjoy their favourite games for longer.

4. No Deposit Bonuses

As the name suggests, you don’t have to deposit any amount in your online casino account to enjoy this bonus. Because of that, many punters love these bonuses, explaining why they are popular among gamers.

With these bonuses, players can enjoy certain privileges like spinning for free. But some come with conditions such as;

  • Use maximum bet
  • Attain the win limit
  • No deposit done

5. Special Occasions and Seasonal Bonuses

Online casinos portray their festive and celebration mood during holidays and special occasions by rewarding their customers through special bonuses.
The specific holiday or special occasion the online casinos offer these promotions depends on each one of them. What some casinos may term as a special occasion may not be special to others. But the main holiday bonuses popular with all online casinos include;

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s day
  • Easter
  • Halloween

To some online casinos, when a player refers a friend to them, it is a special occasion and privilege which they don’t take lightly. As a result, they offer a refer-a-friend-bonus. Others provide their gamers with a birthday bonus. They find your birthday details from your registration information.

6. Device specific Bonuses

These bonuses are awarded to punters who download an online casino’s app and install it on their compatible mobile device. When players sign up using the app, they are awarded a device-specific bonus.

7. New Casino Bonuses

7. New Casino Bonuses

New casinos craft various bonuses to attract and maintain new clients quickly. The aim is also to keep them in the limelight and make them relevant. As a result, they develop better promotional offers known as new casino bonuses.

These new online casinos often offer higher bonus percentages than those given by the existing online casinos. For example, if established online casinos offer two free spins, the new casinos offer four spins.

8. Cashback Bonuses

On some online casino platforms, you can apply for funds you’ve lost while gaming. The casino may agree but gives you only a percentage of it. The percentage refunded is known as a cashback bonus.

But not all games enjoy a cashback. While applying, you need to refer to the terms and conditions to determine if you can request money back lost in that game. Examples of games you can receive a cashback bonus include the following but are not limited to;

9. Higher Roller Bonuses

Online casinos also recognize high rollers on their platform and reward them with various bonuses. To some online casinos, higher rollers are gamers who spend a lot of money on their platforms. Every casino has got its definition of a high roller.

When the rollers deposit a considerable sum of money, the casinos offer them a huge bonus.

10. Weekly Bonuses

Some online casinos offer a bonus to punters who play a new game each week. They receive the rewards every week. Most online casinos ensure a new game for players to try every week. Those who do receive bonuses such as;

  • Double reward points
  • Prize draw entries
  • Free spins


As illustrated above, online casinos lure and maintain players on their platforms by rewarding them with various bonuses. Those discussed above are only a few of the existing bonuses.

Also, online casinos are innovating new bonuses every day to keep themselves on top of the game. Keep yourself updated with relevant casino news to learn about the latest bonuses.

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