Ten Of The Most Beautiful Towns & Villages To Visit In Netherlands

Rich in natural and structural beauty, the Netherlands is one beautiful country. Though cities like Amsterdam are the most famous destinations in the country, there are many villages charming villages and small towns that are equally impressive. Featuring lush, green countryside, cobblestone streets, picturesque buildings, canals and windmills and rich in history, here are 10 Of The Most Beautiful Towns & Villages To Visit In the Netherlands.


1. Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk is best known for its iconic 18th-century windmills and for its UNESCO World Heritage. The charming village, Kinderdijk has 19 mills and 3 pumping stations, and you can explore the village by Waterways or trails. Visit Museummolen Nederwaard where you will see windmills dating from the 18th century, plus museum and working mills.


2. Giethoorn

With no cars at all, the village of Giethoorn is best known for its boat-filled waterways and old thatched-roof houses and is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Explore the village and see those charming houses. You can visit the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, and Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus to learn more about the region’s history.

Zaanse Schans

3. Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a charming village located near Amsterdam and best known for its historic windmills and houses, dating back to the late 1500s to the 1600s. See the distinctive green wooden houses and visit the artisan workshops. The best way to explore this village is on foot but you can also arrange a bike.


4. Lisse

From Keukenhof garden to Keukenhof Castle to the Museum de Zwarte Tulp and the tulip fields, Lisse truly is one of the most pretty towns to explore in the Netherlands. Visit the castle Huys Dever and the chirches Sint-Agathakerk and H.H. Engelbewaarderskerk and don’t forget to visit Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens.

Marken & Volendam

5. Marken & Volendam

Marken is one of the most beautiful Dutch villages which is best known for its striking wooden houses. Visit The Horse Of Marken Lighthouse, a picturesque place with a lighthouse and trails, a great place to enjoy the sunset. Visit the Marker Museum to learn about its heritage.

Set on the Markermeer Lake, Volendam is best known for its colourful wooden houses and its harbour, the Volendam Museum and the Palingsound Museum. Visit the Cheese Factory of the town for a tasty treat and wander through the streets of Doolhof and Oude Kom.

Broek in Waterland

6. Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland is a picturesque town with a small population in Waterland. It is known as one of the best places to visit in Holland. Visit the St.Nicolaas church, you can take a bike tour or walk through the streets to explore the town.


7. Bourtange

Bourtange is a village located in Westerwolde, famous for its structure. Visit Fort Bourtange which was built in 1593 during the Dutch Revolt. With stunning architecture, cobblestone streets and friendly people, with a rich history, Bourtange is a perfect place to relax in the Netherlands.


8. Hoorn

Set on the IJsselmeer lake, Hoorn is a charming town dotted with Shops and cafes. Visit its 17th-century town centre, the 16th-century tower, Hoofdtoren, and its museums. It is also known as a small shopping paradise, and the town also offers a number of water activities and nearby to this you will find dunes and beaches.

Bronkhorst & Aldeboarn

9. Bronkhorst & Aldeboarn

Bronkhorst is technically a city, among the smallest city in the country with only 157 inhabitants. There are many villages you can explore in this region. Explore the city and its villages and visit the Charles Dickens museum.

Located in Heerenveen in the province of Friesland Aldeboarn is another village perfect for a day trip in the Netherlands. It’s an old town, so you will find many beautiful streets and monuments like Waag. You can sail in the turf route, visit De Deelen, you can spot godwits which are the national bird species of The Netherlands.


10. Thorn

Laying on the rivers Meuse and Witbeek, Thorn is best known as ‘the white village’ because of its white-washed brick houses. Thorn is an old town with a rich history. Visit Abdijkerk Thorn, a monastery church and Gemeentemuseum Land van Thorn to learn more about the town’s history. You should also visit National Park de Groote Peel and the nearby town of Roermond.


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