Top 10 Marketing Companies in the UK

Top 10 Marketing Companies in the UK

If your business is in need of a little extra helping hand from some marketing experts, whether that’s for search marketing, advertising, social media or public relations to name just a few.

Take a look at our list of top 10 marketing companies in the UK, so you can level up your marketing strategy for your business.

1. Social Media Marketing – CJ Digital

If you’re looking for world class social media marketing, is your number one choice for high quality social media management, with influencer marketing services to boot.

2. Search Marketing – Maratopia

Search marketing is the foundation of your business’ online presence, so it’s fundamental to get it right. An SEO agency in Leeds, Maratopia helps clients rank higher online through SEO consultancy, PPC and content marketing. With an eye for detail and an experienced team ready to tackle your business’ needs, Maratopia is a one stop shop for all things search marketing.

3. Public Relations – Rostrum

If you need to get the good word out there about your business, Rostrum can help you out with world class PR services, designed to creatively endorse your company and resonate with customers.

4. Performance Marketing – Performics

If you’re in need of high performance advertising, Performics uses analytics and media to create a suitable strategy for your business to thrive through advertising. They also offer PFX consultancy to help you build a solid investment strategy without any hassle.

5. Brand Agency – Creative Spark

If you have a brand established, but don’t feel like you’re moving forwards with your customer reach, Creative Spark is a well-established brand agency designed to make your company unstoppable in the market.

Print Marketing

6. Print Marketing – Boom Boom Media

Now seen as a more traditional form of marketing, print marketing can help your business flourish offline in the real world without the annoyances of the digital world. Boom Boom Media offers a service including brochures, leaflets, business cards, newspapers and magazines.

7. Web Design – Orange Crush Media

If web design is what you’re looking for, Orange Crush Media based in Leeds could be your ideal pitstop. Offering high quality web design and development services, you can turn your business’ website into a goldmine of opportunity for profit and customer reach at the drop of a hat.

8. Growth Marketing – Growthcurve

Growth marketing is all about helping your business shine through the competition, so investing in interactivity and personalisation can help your business grow a long way, whether that’s through creative methods, optimisation or upping your subscriptions. Growthcurve have the expertise and experience to help your business grow wings.

9. PPC Agency – Circus PPC

A PPC agency worth its salt will incorporate the best of the digital advertising world into your individual business plan. Circus PPC aims to use remarketing, and outsourcing to name just a few services to boost your profit margins through pay per click advertising.

10. Email Marketing – Soap Media

Many argue that email marketing is a dying trade, but it’s also a highly profitable and fast way to build relationships with potential customers. Soap Media uses tools to understand your customers’ needs, and design eye-catching email campaigns to get your business hitting the ground running.

Author: Gus Barge

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