Top 10 Tools to Get You Started Making Video Games

Making video games is not as hard as it seems. While it’s not easy to go from lacking experience to making big games like Grand Theft Auto, it has never been easier to start making video games. Casino gaming development tools and resources have become accessible to most people across the world even if they lack experience in programming.

In most cases, the tools you need to start making video games don’t cost a dime. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of ten game editors that are easy to use for beginners. While there are lots of things that should be considered when developing games such as casino animation, modelling, sound, and writing to name a few, the editor you choose will have the biggest effect on the game you make.


CryEngine Logo


This is a commercial 3D engine editor that has been developed by Crytek. It was used to develop popular games like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Prey 2017. The editor won’t cost you a dime until your project starts earning more than 5000 bucks a year. You’ll also pay a five percent royalty fee later.
Cryengine has several free tutorial videos that cover everything from the editor’s installation to complex things such as compiling a custom engine.

Gamemaker Logo


Gamemaker is a commercial 2D engine that has been developed by Yoyo games. It has been used to create games such as Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale, and Minit to name a few. It uses a scripting language known as Gamemaker Language and a scripting language called Drag and Drop.

You can easily find a couple of video tutorials that cover anything from the basics and focus on the creation of specific games such as tower defense, RPGs, and farming games. You’ll also find external sites and communities with guides and scripts that will help you get started.

GDevelop Logo


This is an open-source 2D engine that has been designed to minimize mistakes and complications. There are several tutorials and guides available on GDevelop with more than eighty examples on how to make specific genres and games.

Godot mobile casino gaming
Godot mobile casino

This is an open-source 3D and 2D game engine that has been designed in an easy to learn how to create casino games, mobile casino bonuses and a powerful way to encourage team collaboration. Godot has an extensive guide to using their editor together with a bunch of free tutorials that cover specific aspects like the inclusion of mobile casinos with no deposit bonus codes and the implementation of VR using 2D animation and creating procedural geometry. Godot is one of the best editors for casino gaming.
Lumberyard Logo


Lumberyard is a 3D cross-platform editor designed by Amazon. It is based on Cry Engine’s older version. It has been used severally to create games such as the Grand Tour Game and Star Citizen. You’ll get a free series on how to get started with this game editor. There are also free training courses that will help you learn how to use Lumberyard.

Ren’py Logo


This is an open-source novel game engine that has been used to design games such as Butterfly Soup, Hot Springs, One Night, and Literature Club to name a few. You can find a free walkthrough on how to create simple games like Ren’py and additional text guides for customization.

RPG Maker Logo

RPG Maker

This is a commercial game engine that has been created by Degica. It was created for making games that follow the JRPG style without having to know how to program. It is used to create games like Rakuen and Corpse Party. There are free tutorials for older versions that are applicable today. However, MV – the latest version seems to be the best resource created by this community.

Twine Logo


This is an open-source editor that is focused on interactive storytelling. It has been used to create games like The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo and Lionkiller. You can find a guide that covers language markup basics and offers advanced scripting samples.

Unity Logo


Unity is a cross-platform editor that was developed by Unity Technologies. It has been used to design popular games such as Ori and the Wheel, Untitled Goose Game, and Hollow Knight to name a few.

Unreal Logo


This is a popular game editor that was developed by Epic Games. It has been used to create games such as Final Fantasy Remake, Fortnite, and the Octopath Traveler. Epic Games cover a wide range of free online courses to help users understand how the editor works.


While using these tools will make your work easier, it’s important to develop your programming skills to have an edge over your competitors. Learning to code takes a lot of time and practice. You need to have a strong foundation in technology before designing your games. Don’t be afraid to test yourself and try new things. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, everything has become easy. However, you need to put in the hours to reap good results. Which tool are you going to start using today to create your game?

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