Top 10 Tips for Students to Produce an A-worthy Assignment

Top 10 Tips for Students to Produce an A-worthy Assignment

In a tertiary level study, you will have to do several writing tasks, assignments, study for exams, and do a lot more. All of this can be quite daunting. So, what can you do to produce an outstanding assignment every time and score good grades?

Let us give you ten useful tips that can help. 


Do your reading

Every module or course comes with a reading list. You have to put it to use. This may feel like a lot for some people, but it is mandatory to produce an A-worthy assignment. Additionally, we would recommend that if you wish to excel in your assignment, you must even do some additional reading from some related sources to accumulate extra data for your assignments.

You can also look at examples of completed homework assignments help to understand how to complete the task correctly.

In any case, if you do not have the time to undertake a comprehensive reading, you can even consider availing of assignment help Melbourne services. When a professional does your work, your chances of scoring high grades are higher. 

Be careful about the deadline.

There is nothing more devastating than sitting with an assignment, only to realize that the submission is due in 2 days. Thus, it is crucial for you always to double-check the deadlines, and create a to-do list wherein you can plan your assignments or tasks. You can even take help from a mobile app that can send you reminders of your deadlines, so you start and wrap your assignments in time. 

Plan well

To score good marks, apt planning is essential. It will help you be on track and stay focused. 

As part of your planning, you need to:  

  1. Check how much the given assignment is worth and what its weightage is on your final grade. This will help you allocate proper time for the assignment. 
  2. Next, check the marking schedule. Know the areas on which you will be examined and secure marks by avoiding these errors. If there is no fixed marking schedule, read through the questions carefully to understand what’s asked.
  3. Think about everything that you possibly need to complete this assignment (additional research, reference checks, preparing drafts, editing, reviewing, and more). Further, break this into tasks, and give each of these smaller tasks a deadline to ensure that the complete assignment is completed before due time. 

Make a choice

You have an obvious choice; you can either follow all the steps here and take up your assignment yourself. This is when you are 100% confident that you can produce an A-worthy assignment. There are some subjects which may be hard for you to deal with.

So, you can seek help from an expert who is a professional in that subject. For instance, if you find it hard to deal with your accounts homework, do a web search, such as ‘do my accounting homework,’ and you can find endless platforms that can offer you with necessary help. However, only approach to a reliable and trustworthy platform. 

If you pick the latter, the expert will take it from there but move on to the next tip if you go ahead with the former. 

Draw out an outline

Next, give a structure to your assignment as this can help you with the actual writing. Write down everything you already know about the topic and leave gaps for the places you think you might need additional help.

Next, mention all the points you will cover in your assignment, and once the outline is prepared, get to the actual writing task. 

Top 10 Tips for Students to Produce an A-worthy Assignment

Write an introduction

You have to introduce your topic and mention what you are going to talk about throughout the assignment. Every paragraph must have a clear thesis statement, followed by background or a summary, and then describe your chosen topic, comments Gargi, an online calculus tutor. Keep in mind your introduction should be engaging but keep it brief. You have to clearly specify what you are trying to achieve with this piece, but always write one paragraph without not more than 3-5 lines.   

Make a thesis statement

If you are writing an essay, it must have a thesis statement. The thesis is the primary idea of the essay. It is usually a sentence or a couple of sentences, which come right after the intro. Your thesis statement must be succinct and specific. 

Write the body

Next, the body of your assignment must have about three to five paragraphs. Never overstuff your academic paper with information. Be clear about all the ideas you want to talk about in your essay, and keep them concise. This can be time-consuming. You will have to study more resources and invest more time and even money if the resources are not accessible easily. 

Conclude it

This is your final chance to impress your audience. So, keep it brief but impactful. If you write a concise conclusion, the reader will be disappointed and might end up feeling frustrated or agitated for wasting their precious time. Thus closure is important. You need to drive a point through the essay and then give closure about successfully driving that point. 

Get rid of the writer’s block

Unable to write? This can be quite frustrating. Students often set aside time to write and plan things before and after, but when they do sit down to write, they cannot move beyond the blank page.

If this happens, you can try writing another function first, put on some calming music, change your environment, or take a brief break before you can start again. 

Bottom line

So, these are the ten most essential tips to produce an excellent assignment that can help you score an A. Have more to add to the list? Do share it with our readers and us in the comment box below.

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