Ten Things Your Dog Needs To Stay Playful And Happy

Ten Things Your Dog Needs To Stay Playful And Happy

Dogs are playful animals. They love acting their age—which is typically anywhere from three to nine years old. It’s important for dog owners to provide their furry friends with activities that are fun and easy for them to do on their own. Once you have some professional dog training out of the way here is what else your dog needs in order to stay playful and happy…

1. Dry Dog Food and Other Delicious Options

You can’t have a happy dog without lots of delicious food! Make sure that your dog has plenty of food that he likes to eat so that he’s satisfied. You should also be wary of what type of foods are good for dogs—chocolate, grapes, and garlic could be hazardous if consumed by your pet. Giving them dry dog food is great for them, especially if they have a tendency to overeat or are overweight. According to Petzyo, the right dry dog food provides dogs with the ingredients they need for sustained health and joy. Also, mixing wet and dry dog food can be a great option for some dogs too.

2. Good Quality Bedding

You wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed that smells and is lumpy and neither does your pet. By making sure the bed is non-allergenic and maybe washable means your pet can grow up in that one bed and get used to how it smells and feels.

3. A Comfortable Collar

A collar is not just something that you use to clip a lead onto, it is a way to attach tags and trackers, a way to restrain your dog or hold it back in case of emergencies (we all know how dogs like to chase cats and other animals across the road). Making sure the collar is clean and not too loose (or too tight) is essential.

4. Water

Make sure that your dog always has a fresh supply of water. Dogs should always have a bowl around for drinking, and you can also give them a water fountain to make sure that they’re staying hydrated. This is a great choice because dogs can easily become dehydrated if left without enough water for too long. Give them lots of water, and monitor how much they drink regularly. If you notice that their bowl isn’t being emptied regularly, look into changing food brands or switching to dry dog food.

5. Bowls

Having a good food and water bowl is more important than you might think. Having one too big will lead to overfeeding and having one too shallow might lead to more food being spread about on the floor. Does that bowl go onto a wooden or lino floor? If so it might also have to be non-slip with the rubber bottom.

6. Exercise

Not only is exercise good for dogs, but it’s also a great way for them to have fun. If your dog has a tendency to overeat, you can put them on an exercise regimen. If they’re young, this is great for them because it keeps them from being overweight. Older dogs who are already healthy can also benefit from regular exercise too! It’ll keep their joints mobile and help with proper circulation throughout the body. Make sure that your dog has plenty of access to open space where they can go run around and play. Dogs should be active every day if possible!

7. Clothing

7. Clothing

When people think about pet clothing images of little toy dogs in cute costumes comes to mind. But suitable clothing for dogs is not like that at all. We are talking about rain covers for their backs to prevent them from getting too wet and warm-ware jackets for short hair dogs, especially in the winter months.

8. Socialization

While dogs love acting their age and being playful, they also need to be around other people and animals. If your dog doesn’t have a lot of contact with other people and animals, it could become depressed. This is because dogs want social interaction just as much as humans do! It’s also possible for your pet to develop issues with depression and anxiety if you neglect their need for stimulation and companionship. Make sure that your pet has regular playtime with friends or family members so that they feel truly happy.

9. Check-Ups

No one likes taking their dog to the vet and dare I say the dogs don’t particularly like it neither, but having regular check-ups is a good way of catching health problems in your pet earlier and that means it could also save you money in the long run.

10. Companionship

Yes, your dog is your form of companionship, but what about when you are at work? By distracting your pet with interactive toys, a prepared toilet tray and a safe space your pet will be much less likely to develop negative behaviour problems over time.

Why should you keep your dog happy and healthy?

When dogs are happy and healthy, they can really help their owners. For example, if you’re having a bad day and need to get some stress off of your chest, your pet will be happy and willing to listen and comfort you! Having a companion like that is definitely something worth giving the best care possible. Looking after dogs is also great for kids because it teaches them important values about responsibility.

Ten Things Your Dog Needs To Stay Playful And Happy

It’s definitely important to look after dogs and keep them happy and healthy, especially because of the positive impact they can have on your life. Dogs provide love and companionship that simply isn’t replaceable! Keep your dog pleased with these tips, and you will be best friends for many years to come!

Author: Gus Barge

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