Top 10 Things To Do When You Visit Hamburg

Hamburg is the busiest and largest port across Europe. It has over 100 clubs and music venues, 45 stunning theatres, and a massive number of museums to showcase cultural diversity for residents and tourists alike. Whether you’re staying over the weekends, planning for a month, or reside in this city, there are various things to do and explore.

Whether you’re in the city for a day or more, knowing what to do ahead of time is vital. If you like to walk and check its outstanding architecture, parklands, or unique museums, this travel guide is our ultimate itinerary for your next Hamburg adventure.

What Is Hamburg Known For?

Hamburg, Germany is known for its popular harbour area. Aside from being the transportation centre of the country, it is now one of the major destinations for people who visit Germany. While it’s known for several tourist attractions like the Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburger Kunsthalle, and home to Elbphilharmonie, a day will not be enough to explore the city.

With these most recommended must-do and visit places, you’ll never run out of ideas on what to do or where to go. Regardless if you’re a resident, tourist, or planning an event in the city, it’s merely the best place for an adventure. For instance, CityHunters’ Teamevent Hamburg is a top-rated and highly recommended event organizer that offers fun and interactive games to let you explore and get to know the city on a new level.

Discovering Hamburg first-hand is essential than reading it on a popular website or travel guide. Feeling the moment and looking at popular attractions adds beauty and life to the experience. Here’ how to explore Hamburg the perfect way.

10 Things You Should Do While In Hamburg

Visiting Hamburg enables you to get to know the rich and diverse culture of this city. It offers various sides and characters people will love discovering. Whether you’re into first-class site attractions, popular top recommendations, or the beauty of historical architecture, Hamburg has it all.



The Elbphilharmonie offers a unique concert hall experience and a space for performing arts location traditionally compared to the famous Sydney opera house. This public viewing place is free to access for everyone. The 360-degree city view and the dock is an excellent take to how stunning the city is.

Planten un Blomen

Plants & Flowers (Planten un Blomen) spans more than 100 acres which are supported by most travellers and locals as a great attraction to visit. It’s the green lung of Hamburg as it homes to different garden themes.

Alter Elbtunnel

The Old Elbe Tunnel (Alter Elbtunnel) in St. Pauli is a motorist, bike, and pedestrian tunnel that enables travellers underneath the city’s River Elbe. This tunnel connects the southern riverside and Hamburg. While travelling on foot on this tunnel, you can quickly notice the intricate designs of tile reliefs which tines on the walls.

Fish Market And Auction Hall

If you’ve been bar hopping and wants to head over and call it a day, you’ll surely miss out Fischmarkt. It only opens on Sunday mornings and offers a diverse collection of must-try activities aside from shopping the freshest fish and goods.

Hamburg Boat Tours

If you haven’t gone into the water while visiting Hamburg, then you haven’t certainly seen its beauty. Going on a boat while in Hamburg is the most affordable way to enjoy the city through its public ferry. You can check Landungsbrücken piers to roam around the city too.

Miniatur Wunderland

If you want to experience and travel a miniature world, then this popular attraction is a must-visit. It’s described (self-proclaimed) as home to the world’s biggest railway model which takes you from one small country to another. This 10K square-foot Miniatur Wunderland includes Venice, Switzerland, Scandinavia, USA, Hamburg, and more.

The place is both stunningly captivating for adults and kids alike due to the intricate details that it offers. With 130K trees, 1K trains, and 250K figures, it’s a great way to travel the world without moving, but your eyes are feasting!

Hamburger Kunsthalle

Hamburger Kunsthalle is the city’s most extensive exhibition museum with great artworks collections ranging from sculptures and paintings of ancient and new. It homes over eight centuries of arts you should never miss.

Rathaus (City Hall)

Rathaus or the City Hall is a massive building and one of the top tourist attractions in Hamburg. It’s bigger than the widely known Buckingham Palace in London. This neo-renaissance building offers a formidable exterior that opens a lavish interior home to the state government officials and city council.


Warehouse District (Speidcherstadt) red brick buildings used to cater the city’s imported goods like silks, spices, and coffee. These are freshly carried into this anchorage. Speicherstadt became 40th UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. When you visit Hamburg, don’t forget to check this place for a historical feel and look you’ll surely love.


Reeperbahn was once tagged and compared with Red light District in Amsterdam for widespread sex trades. However, moving forward, things have slightly changed, and St. Pauli has become famous for massive live music scenes, theatres, clubs, bars, and music venues.


There’s more to do in Hamburg than you can imagine. Hamburg is recognised as a millionaires metropolis, harbour city, and hu for anarchists. It’s the second biggest city in Germany that has a genuinely intoxicating mixture. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Hamburg offers the best and one of a kind experience you shouldn’t miss!

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