Ten Fun Things To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Ten Fun Things To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day is good and all but not everyone feels that way. While everyone goes around with gifts and roses, some people just want to live their lives normally as if nothing is happening because as far as they are concerned, nothing happens that day. Others also want to stay away from all the pressure to be in love and to have a date on valentine’s day. If falling in love until death and holding hands in the streets with roses and gifts are not your thing, it doesn’t mean February 14 has to suck for you.


Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Who said all parties on 14th of February have to celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, you are not the only one and chances are, other people that don’t like it are not that far away from you. If you have such friends who are opposed to the day like you, you could choose the best way for you to have fun away from the noise and the crowds. So, while everyone goes out for their Valentine’s date, you could call your crew and have your little protest together.


You can never go wrong with volunteering, whether you have to do it alone or with your partner. Going out planting trees or delivering food to disabled people is a great way of sharing love without necessarily making it a Valentine’s Day thing. If you want to get away from the euphoria of everyone walking in pairs to go on dates and buy roses, you could choose to share the love with the world. Volunteering leaves you with a certain satisfaction that a fake valentine’s date could never beat.

Have A Quirkyalone Day

Some people believe that a Quirkyalone Day is an Anti-Valentine’s Day protest but it is not, Men’s conference is the only thing that gets close to that. Quirkyalone is simply the celebration of love in your own special way. While it is mostly a way of celebrating self-love, you could still celebrate family or friends while at it. It is just a way of calling yourself to a meeting on February 14 and doing what you like most while at it. You could do anything alone, from going on a walk to hiking into a forest to scream your head off.

Go For ‘Men’s Conference’

Ever heard of men’s conference on Valentine’s Day? Well, it is always there although it is not necessarily a conference that you will attend in person. It is just a thing some men use to justify not showing up for their Valentine’s dates. It is not fair to do it to your partner, but if everyone asks you what you are doing on Valentine’s Day when you don’t really plan to do anything, just tell them you are going for Men’s Conference. Most people will understand, whether literally or sarcastically.

Netflix And Chill

Nothing beats the comfort of sitting back on your sofa or bed, on a cold evening with a bucket of popcorn and a glass of wine, to watch your favourite Netflix movie or Series. If you want to make it your anti-valentine’s special, then you can create your playlist of love is dead films to watch the whole night. It is the cheapest and safest way to not celebrate Valentine’s Day while still celebrating. It is also a perfect way to stay away from the heartbreaks of Valentine’s day.

Ten Fun Things To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Have A Clean-Up Day

When was the last time you just stayed at home and cleaned up everything in the house, dumping those old rags, photos and other stuff you don’t’ need anymore? You could say Valentine’s Day is not exactly the best day to do it, but if you hate the day, why not?

If you are not going on a date or karaoke on February 14, you could still show yourself some love by turning into a clean freak for the sake of both your body and your soul. Clean up and dump everything you don’t want in your life and you will finish Valentine’s Day a happy person ready to start a new chapter of life.

Join Book Club

Every day is a good day to read a book, as long as you select the right book for the moment. If you are not planning to go anywhere on Valentine’s Day and are not in for the whole celebration of love thing, you could join like-minded people to read books. If a book club is not an option, you can never fall short of books to read on your own. Just select your anti-valentine’s theme and get a collection of books to spice it and read all day.

Start A’ Love Is Dead’ Podcast

There are many podcasts out there teaching everyone how to treat their partners on Valentine’s Day and everything. If it is not your thing, you could start your own anti-valentine’s revolution and teach people how to go about ignoring Valentine’s Day. It is alright if you don’t believe in the idea of love till death, actually you are not alone if you don’t.

A podcast could be a great way to create your fan base and probably make some cash off the whole idea. Just record yourself and publish explaining how happy you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day and why you don’t believe in the whole thing. You may realize that there are more like-minded people out here than you think.


Cooking is a great hobby especially if you master your recipe. No one knows all the recipes in the world though, which is why you will never run short of things to cook if you want the kitchen to be your getaway. You could browse for interesting recipes online or ask from friends then embark on a mission to become the perfect chef. Whether you are doing it alone or with a partner, you will not run out of fun things to do in the kitchen. If one recipe doesn’t work out, you could just drop it and move on to the next one.

Go On A Road Trip

A road trip is not an aimless journey, it is always a mission so you could always customize your to be an anti-valentine’s Day trip. You could do it alone or with friends as long as none of them will remind you that you need a date. However you do it, ensure that the destination guarantees peace of mind and lots of fun. You could use it as a chance to clear your head and show yourself lots of love without the pressure to of not having a partner. Make sure you drive safely while at it though. Whichever method you use to protest Valentine’s Day, make sure you have lots of fun.

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