Ten Tips For Taking Care of Yourself During Chemotherapy Treatments

Ten Tips For Taking Care of Yourself During Chemotherapy Treatments
Throughout the journey of Chemotherapy treatment you are to embark on there are several self-healthcare methods you could try. Your oncologist may recommend a couple of techniques for you to use while at home. However, each person is unique and may find comfort in completely different ways. Here is a range of self-care techniques to try to help you adjust to your new journey and feel as comfortable and healthy as possible after receiving treatments.

Take Time for Your Passions

Many people find that since they are now encouraged to take part in self-care routines, it’s not too clear on where they should start. Well, a great beginning is with your passions. This means anything that can make you feel fulfilled and better. Some popular uses of this method are through:

Arts & Crafts

From DIY art to wood sculpting, there is a craft for everyone. Taking the time to lose yourself in the process of creation will always remain beautiful. There is nothing more enjoyable than doing something you love.

Take soothing baths

Commonly overlooked, taking a nice, calm, and candle-lit bath can make all the difference in the way one feels. Most people find the use of great smelling soy candles are great for a little aromatherapy that also helps with easing and relaxing the mind into a personal sea of tranquillity.

Get fresh air

Whether it’s sitting on your back porch, a short walk to the mailbox, or just stepping out to smell the flowers, getting out to get some fresh air has many health benefits. The body will always need vitamin D from the sun, but just taking a little quality time to focus on yourself and relax your mind and get some fresh air while doing it has great health benefits. However, this remains totally up to you and what you feel your body is capable of doing after a treatment.


Now that you may have a bit of extra time on your hands, there is no better way to spend it then baking some favourite treats. There is quite a bit of comfort in having something delicious to nibble on when needed. Not to mention, it’s a sure-fire way to get some company over when needed. Whether this means you just like to cook rather than actually eating it, by all means, test your culinary abilities.

Ten Tips For Taking Care of Yourself During Chemotherapy Treatments


All it takes is to pick up one nice book to change your perspective on everything. Try looking into books on topics you feel drawn to, or titles you felt you just haven’t had enough chances to enjoy properly. There are books written to lose yourself for a while, just as there are some written to discover yourself.

Spend Time Around Loved Ones

You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to reach out and ask anyone close to you to spend more time with you. In fact, throughout this process, many of those close to you would more than likely be delighted that you asked for their company and time. If all that your energy levels will allow of you is a small cup of tea with a dear friend- then allow yourself this small but meaningful gesture.

Learn to Decline Invitations

Your friends and family may continue trying to invite you out to places, although grateful, the energy you once had may take a while to rebuild. This is important to convey to your loved ones; rather than forcing yourself out of your current comfort zones prematurely, practice politely turning down invitations so you can have more energy to focus towards your own health and recovery.

Start a Journal

Creating a journal to keep down all of your thoughts, feelings, and health progress will give you a reference as you watch yourself grow back in strength. Make sure to date your entries as you record your journey. The positive effects of keeping a journal can range from relieving stress to keeping your thoughts organized, all the while allowing this self-reflection.

Practice Meditation

Turning off your phone and getting away from all distractions has always been a key way to alleviate what may be weighing on your mind. Meditation has a long history of increasing calmness and physical relaxation. This also has been linked to improving mental balance while also enhancing the overall health and well-being of the ones who practice.

If you know of any other tips do let us know in the comments below. 

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