Struggling With Vision Issues? Ten Things You Should Do

Problems with eyesight not only affect one’s daily life but also challenges an individual to cope with the changes while staying mentally composed. Vision problems become worse, especially in old age, however, there are several diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, structural changes in the eye, and trauma that lead to issues related to vision and eyesight. These vision issues are undoubtedly difficult to deal with, but giving up should never be an option. There are a lot of interventions you can adopt that will help manage your eye condition effectively and make the daily routine easier to follow. Without further ado, here are some essentials to consider that will help you handle your vision issues. 

Struggling With Vision Issues? Ten Things You Should Do


Adapting Your Lifestyle

Simple eyesight issues can be easily resolved after an eye checkup and the usage of glasses that help correct vision. Still, several diseases can result in permanent damage to the eye. For the people who are struggling with utilizing their remaining vision to its full potential, here are the changes you can make for an easier life:

  • Make a shortlist of activities that are affected by your vision issue and try to address each one appropriately. For example, if you are having trouble moving around during the evening, tweak up the household lighting to assist you. 
  • Use high contrast labels or colour codes for household items, mark temperature settings of faucets, and paint the stairway with a high contrast colour. These colours are easily identifiable by people suffering from vision issues. 
  • Remove or replace worn-out flooring, carpets, and other objects that might lead to a slip or fall. 
  • Keep the flooring rugged for maximum traction and avoid smooth tiled floors. 
  • Adjust the furniture so that it doesn’t interfere while moving around.

Visual Aids

There are several pieces of tech that are aimed at helping individuals that suffer from low vision. These aids include magnifying lenses that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Eyewear companies are offering these magnifying aids that can be clipped on your eyeglasses to provide a magnified image. Video enlargement and sophisticated computer systems are also some technologies that use their computing power and display images, videos, and relevant material that the user with vision problems can easily see.

Be Eye-friendly

From eye-friendly lights and computer screens, there are plenty of things you can do to make your room and indeed many parts of your life even more eye-friendly. It’s not all about the tech you use, it can also be about the colours and items in the room.

Professional Opinion

Technology has undoubtedly aided the healthcare sector in providing improved services and interventions that ultimately lead to better patient outcomes. As mentioned earlier, several factors can easily trigger vision issues. Out of these conditions, many are treatable through adequate surgical or medical treatment. Virtually every healthcare professional and ophthalmologist like the eye surgery gurus at emphasizes the fact that an eye examination is necessary to identify the disease or medical condition that is causing vision issues in the first place. Identification of the disease will help in better management and treatment. So take time to research the options you could avail for your eye examination. Furthermore, ensure that the healthcare provider you are visiting for the eye check-up is certified, reliable, and a trusted name so that you could get the appropriate treatment. 

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

It is widely known that smoking can contribute to blindness, but drinking can also have an effect. While the phrase ‘blind drunk’ doesn’t derive from drinking too much, you can still overwork the eyes when trying to focus on things while drunk. This can lead to tired eyes in the morning and you can overwork them if you drink too much.

Disease Management

Diabetes is a disease that significantly affects the eyes and causes vision problems over the long run. Controlling diabetes can help prevent further damage to the retina. If you are an insulin user, preparing insulin injections and using them might become difficult. You can switch to sophisticated insulin injectors that eliminate the need for preparing injections and mixing doses. Diseases like diabetes and others should always be managed accordingly to avoid vision-related issues. 

Health checkups are essential and help in identifying medical conditions that might be the temporary cause of the related vision issues. For example, hormonal changes during pregnancy decrease vision quality, or stress can make your eyes sensitive to light. So a health check-up can also help in addressing the symptoms until the temporary causes are resolved, 

Healthy Living

The way we live our lives influences our health and body accordingly. A poor diet and unregulated sleeping habits are two major problems that affect us. Not following an adequate schedule and partaking in a processed, high-calorie low nutrition diet always has negative effects on the health. Excessive alcohol use is another factor that can trigger vision issues. Try to follow a healthy timetable and add foods that will help improve your wellness. If you are confused about the types of foods to eat, consulting a nutritionist will help a lot. They can help you in creating a specialized diet plan while keeping in mind your medical condition. 

Daily Exercise

No matter the age group, staying active is crucial to stay healthy. It is important to understand that staying active does not mean you have to walk several miles or jog. Following a simple exercise routine will help you in maintaining wellness. You can ask your doctor for the exercises that they feel would be safe to follow. An important thing to remember is that you should never stress yourself out when exercising and you should set realistic goals that you could easily achieve.

Stay Socially Active

Although these eyesight defects can hinder activities that you could do at your convenience like driving, socializing, and reading, nevertheless, being homebound should never be an option for people experiencing vision problems. Try these options as an alternative to move around safely.

  • Travel with family and friends to engage in social activities.
  • Ask family members or loved ones to accompany you when doing utilities.
  • Using public transport or taxis is another way to keep you moving safely. 

Get Support

There are several options like rehabilitation counsellors, occupational therapists, low-vision specialists, and experts in visual impairment that could be able to assist you in improving your daily routine. These professionals can provide you with training and information to help manage things at the household or the workplace. 

Struggling With Vision Issues? Ten Things You Should Do

Living with vision problems is indeed challenging and deteriorates one’s quality of life by many folds. Finding the relevant resources will surely help you in living with your medical condition and guide you in dealing with its emotional effects. So always try to make the best out of the situation so as to improve your quality of life.

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