The Top 10 Richest Casino Owners In The World

Not only are we going to take a look at the ten wealthiest casino owners in the world, we will also be taking a look at what their casinos are worth in total. With giant online casino sites like and Bluechip there are a growing number of people who are earning their way up this list. While the number of their worth is amazing, some of the names in this list might also surprise you…

Lorenzo Fertitta

10 – Lorenzo Fertitta (Estimated Casino Worth: $1.2 Billion USD)

Lorenzo Joseph Fertitta is an American entrepreneur and also a casino executive. But his real passion is being a sports promoter. He is often known to promote smaller, lesser known sports and building them up.

Lorenzo Fertitta

9 – Frank Fertitta III (Estimated Casino Worth: $1.25 Billion USD)

While he is now the current CEO of Station Casinos, Frank Joseph Fertitta III was also the former owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship! A true business fighter in every way.

John Paulson

8 – John Paulson (Estimated Casino Worth: $1.29 Billion USD)

John Paulson is a financier who is often seen as a money magnet. When he makes money he is often backed by a team of close friends and business people who also cash in on his constant windfalls. One of those is the ownership of several casinos!

Phil Ruffin

7 – Phil Ruffin (Estimated Casino Worth: $1.32 Billion USD)

If there is a pie that makes money Phil Ruffin has his finger in it. Casinos, greyhound racing tracks, oil production, convenience stores and enough real estate on his books to make his own country!

Elaine Wynn

6 – Elaine Wynn (Estimated Casino Worth: $1.7 Billion USD)

Elaine Farrell Wynn is the only woman in this list and is best known as an American businesswoman who co-founded Mirage Resorts and Wynn Resorts with her former husband. That is one divorce she doesn’t regret.

Donald Trump

5 – POTUS Donald Trump (Estimated Casino Worth: $2 Billion USD)

Donald Trump was once seen as a joker as he would often tell people he would use his money to become the President of the United States (POTUS), but look who’s laughing now!

Steve Wynn

4 – Steve Wynn (Estimated Casino Worth: $2.8 Billion USD)

It’s not just art Steve Wynn likes to collect, it is also casinos and he now has quite a few of them. Not as many as the amount of works of art he owns, but still quite a few.

Stanley Ho

3 – Stanley Ho (Estimated Casino Worth: $7 Billion USD)

This man goes under many names, but he is mostly known for being Macau’s richest billionaire who single-handedly built Macau’s gambling-based economy and saving several areas from falling into poverty.

Kirk Kerkorian

2 – Kirk Kerkorian (Estimated Casino Worth: $11 Billion USD)

Kerkor “Kirk” Kerkorian is sadly no longer with us, but in his time this Armenian businessman was a big casino investor and owned several of them worldwide.

Sheldon Adelson

1 – Sheldon Adelson (Estimated Casino Worth: $21.5 Billion USD)

Sheldon Gary Adelson is best known as an American casino magnate who is also the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Author: Gus Barge

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