Top 10 Reasons to Play in a New Casino

Top 10 Reasons to Play in a New Casino

Every month new online casinos are launched with sometimes different features but most of the times they are the same as established online casinos. But why would you choose a new online casino if they are mostly the same as existing casinos? In this article, you can find 10 reasons why you should try a new casino.

Bonus without depositing

Every casino needs new players but new casinos even more. They need to build up a database of players to be able to pay winning players. Getting new players is not easy and some new casinos give free bonus or spins without making a deposit. You open a new account and you get a 5-10 euro bonus or 10 free spins. The casino puts strict requirements so it’s difficult to win or a maximum payout amount so when you win you can only withdraw a small amount. Of course, this will cost money for the casino but once a player opened an account with the casino they are on their mailing list and the casino can send emails with promotions to convert them to real players.

New casinos have to build up a reputation

Existing casinos who are online for a long time already build up a reputation and if a player has problems 1 complaint will not harm them so much. A new online casino has to build up this reputation and can not afford too many bad comments. So the management of new casinos are afraid to get these bad comments and prefer to give you a refund or extra money.

Nice to try something new

In the intro, we told you that most new casinos don’t offer new things but there are exceptions and sometimes there is a new casino with new features, promotions or something totally different. Examples are variations in loyalty programs, cashback variations, pay ‘n play casinos, etc.

Top 10 Reasons to Play in a New Casino

Searching for new payment methods

When you have one or more favourite casinos you know what they have to offer and you have your favourite payment method. But maybe you like the casino but they don’t have the payment method you like. That’s why it’s good to look around at new casinos and see if they can offer you that specific payment method you are looking for.

Looking for new games

It’s always good to see if new casinos have different games or a new game provider. A new online casino can not always pay the minimums some big game providers ask so they look for small game providers which are not so popular and want to be on new casinos for free.

Enthusiastic and fresh live chat operators

A new online casino mostly starts with new staff and also new live chat operators. They need to prove themselves and are excited to talk with players. So most new online casinos offer more fresh and exciting customer support.

Better on mobile devices

Old casinos are developed at the time mobile internet was not so popular and the casino was only compatible with desktop. Of course, now they offer also a good mobile version but new casinos are developed with the vision ‘Mobile first’ so when they develop the casino they do this based on mobile devices.

New casinos want to beat the competitors

When a company is making a new casino they always look at their competition with the aim to make a better casino. So they take the good things from existing casinos and try to make them better and/or add better features.

Top 10 Reasons to Play in a New Casino

High introduction prizes

In reason 1 we described the bonuses of new online casinos to attract new players. Some casinos want to enter the casino market with a big bang and offer something amazing like winning a car, super-luxury holidays or other amazing prizes. Before you go to play for these prizes we advise you to do some research online and investigate that this is not a scam and that you start playing for nothing.

New casinos payout on time

New online casinos can not afford to pay too late or don’t payout. They will have a bad start because the number 1 irritation of casino players is getting your winnings too late or not at all. We do advise you to read the terms and conditions first and especially the part that explains the maximum payout a day/week/month. These can be much higher than with established online casinos.

Enough reasons to choose a new online casino and to get these no-deposit bonus offers, super prizes in promotions and talk with the new live chat hosts to have fun.

Author: Gus Barge

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