Top 10 Ways to Pursue A Professional Career in Online Gaming

Top 10 Ways to Pursue A Professional Career in Online Gaming

A couple of decades ago, we maybe wouldn’t have imagined the trajectory from passionate gamers to professional gamers. But today, many are making a profit from their passion. Esports and online gaming have created revenue of billions of dollars, as it has become a career path that opens up several possibilities. Here are some of the options within online gaming.

Professional Poker Player

While many of us might have witnessed a live poker tournament on TV, many professional gamers are now heading towards online casinos instead. For playing poker professionally, some recommend an 80/20 ratio of playing and studying, as it does require a lot of practice. Therefore, it is important to find a good casino gateway, as the specific online casino can also affect the possibilities to practice.

Fortnite Player

A highly popular game is Fortnite, which many have begun pursuing professionally. There are two ways of doing so: The gamers who participate in tournaments and the players who either stream or make YouTube videos about Fortnite. However, because of the game’s popularity, the field has also become highly competitive.

Sports Trader

Betting is popular in gaming, which is why some people decide to make money from it. Some compare sports traders to stock brokers, as they buy and sell sports bets. It does require special knowledge and strategic skills, as sports traders have to be able to follow the market closely.

Horse Bettor

Speaking of sports trading, horse betting is also a type of professional gambling. Just like with sports trading, horse bettors have to be very statistical. They have to follow statistical models and gain extensive knowledge of the horses. This way, they can decide which horses to bet on.

Slot Players

A more uncommon type of professional gambler is the slot player. Slots often depend on luck, which is why it can be a complex type of gambling to master. However, some slot players do it for a living.

League of Legends Player

While it is one thing to be good at League of Legends, being a pro at it is another thing. This is why some people hire coaches to become better at the game and potentially become a professional.

Counter-Strike Player

Since some CS:GO players can boast of million-dollar winnings, it is no wonder many people try to pursue it professionally. However, the prestige of winning a tournament in one of the most popular games is a big reason why people do it.

Halo Player

Halo has been featured in tournaments since the ’00s as part of the American Major League Gaming. Today, it is played internationally, even though there have been periods where competitions have experienced drastic changes and declines.

Formula 1 Player

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular Formula 1 was substituted by a gaming version. The Formula One series, which has featured motorsport racers, has also been popular, even though it is not one of the most pursued game industries.

Card Counter

A card counter is not only the name of a movie but is also the name of a profession. In short, a card counter is a casino player who uses math to try and calculate odds to win in Blackjack. Although it is illegal in several casinos, some do allow it.

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