The Top 10 Must-know Casino Slang Words

The Top 10 Must-know Casino Slang Words

Casinos are so popular today, and for starters, understanding what goes into this sector is critical. For instance, you want to familiarize yourself with the commonly used terms to strike a perfect balance between simply having fun and making money.

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So, here are the ten must-know casino slangs.

1. Chips

Chips are simply casino tokens that represent a specific cash value. Most brick-and-mortar casinos use them to represent currency. Different gaming chips are used in most casinos, ranging from plastic and metal to clay and ceramic items. Different colors are often used to represent each chip’s value. For instance, in most establishments, white chips represent $1, green chips represent $25, and orange or maroon chips are worth $1,000.

2. Bankroll

A bankroll refers to money a player has set aside for betting. It’s one of the factors that can determine your gaming experience because once your bankroll is dry, the fun ends. That is why experts advise gamblers to only risk 2-5% of their bankroll on each wager.

3. The House

Most gambling enthusiasts refer to a casino as “The House.” That is why you may hear players saying they are playing against the house or someone mention a casino myth like “the house always wins.” The origin of this moniker is the root of the word casino, which is casa. In Italian, casa means house.

4. Action

Suppose you have bet some money on the outcome of a sports event. In that case, you may say you have “action” on the game. So, action refers to the money you’ve used at a specific time while hoping to win more.

5. Poker Face

Poker face is one of the most popular casino terms. It’s often used to describe an emotionless or deadpan expression a gambler puts on when they don’t want fellow players to decipher their feelings or thoughts.

The Top 10 Must-know Casino Slang Words

6. Running Cold/ Hot

Sometimes gamblers have a lucky streak and win nearly every hand. Casino enthusiasts refer to this situation as running hot. On the other hand, players on a losing streak say they are running cold.

7. Crapshoot

Crapshoot is simply a casino game that involves two dice. But gamblers also use this term as slang for a less skillful casino tournament with too much loose action. In a crapshoot tournament, luck is often the dominant factor, not experience or skill.

8. Double Down

Double down is a term commonly used by blackjack players. When a gambler says they are doubling down in the middle of a hand, it simply means they are doubling their bet. Doubling doubt can increase the initial value of a bet by up to 100%.

9. Double or Nothing

As the name suggests, double or nothing is a risky move by which a player can win twice as much money as they have already raked in or lose it all. You may decide to “double or nothing” when you want to break even by doubling your previous wager.

10. Tap out

A casino player who’s lost all their bankroll may say they’ve tapped out. Therefore, tapping out means you’ve run out of money and are ready to leave the casino floor.

Ready to Talk Like a Betting Pro?

To have an enjoyable betting experience, you must learn to talk like a pro. Remember, the live dealers in gambling establishments use casino slang to talk to players. So, familiarizing yourself with terms like the ones we’ve used above is essential.

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