Ten Hilariously Stupid Mistakes That Got People Fired

Ten Hilariously Stupid Mistakes That Got People Fired

Getting a job is had enough on its own, but keeping a job is even harder because the simplest of mistakes could get you fired. That gets worse if the mistake hits the internet and attracts the attention of the whole world including your boss. Some people get fired because of their own stupidity though, as they get caught doing the dumbest of things at work and some are just too hilarious to ignore. While every employee knows to keep a clean record at work and at least seem serious to their employers, these 10 did those dumb things you don’t do at work and got caught.

Bikini Bathing In the Kitchen Sink

Back in 2008, three female KFC employees made headlines when photos of them bathing inside a kitchen sink at their workplace were uploaded on Myspace. One of the three got the rest fired when she thought it wise to tag her workplace while uploading the damning photos. They had turned the dishwasher into a bathtub after a long shift. Allegedly, the manager of the joint wasn’t present when the incident occurred, but after it made headlines, the KFC joint in Anderson, California was immediately closed for cleaning while the manager said he would handle the three ladies. They were later fired.

Arrest By A Coin Flip

Police officers in the US make headlines every day mostly for using excessive force especially against black men but these two were fired for something worse. In 2018, two Georgia police officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson stopped Sarah Webb who was driving fast on a wet road. The officers were not sure what to do with the poor woman, so they retreated back to the squad car to decide her fate.

They then decided to use a coin-flip app with heads for arrest and tails for release with a warning. The coin flip was on Webb’s side as it landed on tails but the two officers arrested her anyway. The bodycams of the two officers sold them out though as the prosecutors were appalled by how cheaply the officers held the woman’s freedom. They were both fired after causing headlines all over the US while the state dropped all charges against the woman.

The Burger King Foot Lettuce Guy

Doing something gross on customers’ food when you work in a restaurant is bad enough, but posting it on the internet angers even more people. That is what one Burger King employee from Cleveland Ohio did back in 2012. He took a photo of himself standing inside two burger king lettuce containers with his shoes on. He then posted the photo anonymously on 4Chan with the caption “this is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.” The net geeks got so angry that they decided to trace the photo back to the exact store where the employee worked. They managed to trace back the photos the Burger King where the manager confirmed that he knew the employee and fired him alongside the two colleagues that watched the event happen.

Ten Hilariously Stupid Mistakes That Got People Fired

Called In Sick Then Scored A Goal

Pasta is a serious thing in Italy, but football is more serious. That means that pasta companies have a very difficult time convincing employees to come to work on match days. Barillas is one of Italy’s largest pasta producers but in 2012, their plant in Foggia, Northern Italy was almost getting shut down because of low productivity caused by the 10% plus absenteeism rate.

One employee requested for a day off, and when the supervisor refused to give permission, called in sick and went on to play for his local football club. Sadly for the employee that was supposed to be sick, he scored a goal and the local paper recognized him. Despite the joy, he couldn’t escape the sack the following day since even his colleagues couldn’t save him from the angry manager.

She Put A Customer On Social Media Because They Didn’t Tip

Restaurant workers, especially in the US are paid low wages that can hardly cover their day to day so they really need tips to bridge the gap. However, for one reason or another, some people don’t tip and they are perfectly within their rights to do so although not every employee is usually happy with non-tipping customers. Tamlynn Yoder was a waitress at Palm Beach Gardens steakhouse in Florida and served a megachurch that ordered food worth $735.

The person that picked up the order for the church didn’t tip and Tamlynn decided to complain on her social media account but when the restaurant saw the back clash the church was facing because of her post, they fired her because it prohibits posting customers on social media. Most members of the church were sympathetic and even donated money to her but she should probably have known better than to do that.

Steven Slater

Everyone has that bad day at work when you feel like shouting your heart out at your boss and just matching off even lifting the middle finger if you can, but then you would risk your salary, pension and everything else, so self-control comes in handy. In 2010, Steven Slater, a flight attendant for 20 years tried to get a rowdy passenger on a flight from Pittsburgh to New York to sit down but the passenger hit Slater with her bag and that was it for the attendant.

He took the public address and cursed at the passengers saying he had had enough, walked to the drinks cart and took two beers before launching the plane’s emergency exit and sliding down. He scrambled back up the slide to get his bags then slid down again as the shocked passengers and crew watched. He then went to his car and drove off to Queens but the police came for him and arrested him for reckless endangerment. As many reality TV shows came looking for him, he became the national hero for overworked Americans. He still paid Jet Blue $10,000 to replace the emergency hatch though.

Peeing On The Door Because He Wasn’t Tipped

As we discussed earlier, if you work in the restaurant industry, expect a tip but if you don’t get one, walk away in peace. Chloe Teply ordered pizza from a Pizza Hut store in New Jersey in 2012 but she didn’t have the money for a tip. The pizza guy wasn’t very happy with the client though, so he decided to open his pants and urinate on her doorstep. Pizza Hut had to fire him when they received footage from the apartment security camera which was also making rounds on news websites and social media. He later apologized for his ill manners but that apology came a little too late.

The Ryanair Fake Photo Saga

The only thing worse than having a bad employer is being jobless which is why these six employees should have thought twice before pulling off this stunt on Europe’s strictest airline. Ryanair is Europe and probably the world’s largest budget airline, but their record with employee welfare is appalling. In 2018, six members of the crew were photographed allegedly sleeping on the floor of the airline’s airport office if Spain because the company allegedly failed to pay for accommodation for them after a long flight. However, after making headlines all over the world, Ryanair released footage from the office showing the employees staging the whole scene because they were angry at having to wait for over four hours for their accommodations to clear because all rooms were booked. The airline then proceeded to fire all of them.

Ten Hilariously Stupid Mistakes That Got People Fired

Dancing In An Underground Mine

Every employee needs a break and nothing feels better than just dancing your head off to your favourite mix, especially with colleagues. Bosses don’t like it when their employees dance at work tough, especially when handling heavy machinery in a dangerous work environment such as an underground mine. The Harlem shake dance was the online craze back in 2013 and the overnight shift of underground miners working for Gold Field LTD decided to take part and post it on YouTube. Their employer said they breached safety protocols because most of them were shirtless and dancing with dangerous tools and fired all 15 of them.

Requesting Drugs To Be Delivered To His Work Place On Twitter

Well, pot is not exactly a dangerous drug anymore as more countries in the world have come to embrace it even for recreational purposes. However, it would still be unwise to post a tweet looking for a seller to deliver some to your workplace. That was the case in Canada back in 2013 when an employee at an oil changing shop in Toronto made the tweet. Sadly for him, the local police saw the tweet and retweeted it asking whether they could come too. The shop owner thanked the police and fired the poor employee who later complained that he didn’t really mean what he tweeted and that the police should be looking for other serious criminals rather than concentrating on harmless tweets.

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