10 Furniture Ideas For a Luxurious Studio Unit

10 Furniture Ideas For a Luxurious Studio Unit

Living in your luxurious studio unit is probably a dream for many. There are a variety of ways to creatively decorate your luxurious unit, from adding massage chairs to having staircase corner shelves. As you read along, you’ll learn about furniture ideas to make your studio unit luxurious.

Furniture Ideas for a Luxurious Studio Unit

Here are some furniture ideas to spice up your studio unit.

Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs are a great piece of furniture to add to your studio unit. With these, you can chill and relax at your studio unit. Masseuse Massage Chairs offer extended-in-home service warranties for your extra peace of mind.

Tray Table Floor Lamp

Floor lamps add an accent to your unit with their soft overhead lighting. You can choose a floor lamp with luxe materials like a white marble base or a brass-gold body.

Floating Shelves

Show off your massive collection of cute souvenirs and decorative objects by installing floating shelves into your unit. Wood or metal shelves can go with anything, while basic shelves look simple yet classy.

Double Pop-Up Coffee Table

You can opt for a midcentury-inspired coffee table with two pop-up tops with hidden storage. You can use it as a food station or a laptop tray.

Pedestal Tables

One advantage of pedestal tables is that their shape is more streamlined, which means there is less visual clutter. You can use pedestal tables as a desk or nightstand in your breakfast nook or dining room. Pedestal tables are arguably the best tables for tiny spaces.

Sofa Bed

Sofa Beds are perfect for studio units because you can have a couch and a comfortable sleeping space at the same time. You can use it for reading and watching TV during the day and a sleeping bed at night.

Rectangular Mirror with Shelf

Rectangular Mirror with Shelf

Rectangular mirrors are minimalist yet classy to look at. With its built-in storage, you can also stash your sunglasses, keys, and other valuable items.

Staircase Corner Shelf

These shelves can serve as a nightstand in your bedroom, or you can utilize each step of this corner by adding plants, coasters, or collectables.

Room Dividers

A high-quality, on-trend room divider will divide space effectively and may help you conceal the less ‘showy’ features of your studio unit.

They can hide workplace clutter, a cluttered bed, or a cluttered dressing station – and, if chosen carefully, they may add precisely the appropriate ambience you’re searching for.

Large Artwork

Large Artwork

Choose large artwork that covers many square feet for maximum impact, and keep to colours and themes that complement the rest of the space, lighting, and what’s directly outside your window.

Things to Consider When Choosing Studio Unit

When looking for a studio unit, you should consider a few things.


The price of studio units varies depending on your location. It is better to fix a budget before deciding what type of studio unit you will get.

Livable Space

Check the livable space of your studio unit. Assess if the size of the studio unit is enough for you or if it fits your needs.

Access to Infrastructure

Choosing a studio unit near convenience stores, shops, supermarkets, and other physical infrastructures might be ideal. It is also important to check if you can easily access educational and business institutions from the locality.

Amenities and Features

Before choosing a studio apartment, check the amenities it offers. It is better to choose a fully-furnished luxury studio unit because it’s more spacious and equipped with various furniture. Also, choosing a studio unit that allows natural light to enter is ideal.

Benefits of a Studio Unit

Studio Units might be a single-room floor plan, but it comes with a few benefits that might fit your budget and lifestyle. Note that this will still depend on your personal preference.

Below are some of the benefits of a studio unit.

Affordable Monthly Rent

Studio Unit rentals are way cheaper than larger apartments. The reason is that it is only a few square feet. That’s why it is affordable. If you live in a place with a high cost of living, such as large cities and metropolitan areas, low rental rates for studio units might be helpful for you. Also, your utility bills might be lower than those living in large units.

Minimalist Interior Design

If you tend to avoid clutter and love sleek interior designs, a studio unit that comes with a kitchenette might be one of your options.

You can use multipurpose and space-saving furniture to maximize the storage space. This also allows you to decorate your own space. L-shaped studio designs come with a small partition or divider, allowing more privacy.

Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plans

The open-concept, one-room designs of studio units might be appealing to some. Open floor plans offer plenty of flexibility. You can endlessly decorate your open space according to your needs and personality. Also, single-room floor plans have large windows and high ceilings, allowing more natural light to enter your space.

Need-to-Know Tips In Decorating Studio Unit

Here are some tips that might be helpful before you start decorating your studio unit.

Take Advantage Of Architectural Quirks

Every inch of your studio unit counts, so take full advantage of it. If your window has a radiator, you might want to invest in stunning covers or customize your cushion and make it a window nook.

Hide Your Bed

If your studio unit does not have much storage space, you can consider using a DIY trundle bed to fit both the sitting area and bed. You can also use a wooden or solid platform with a retractable bed. It is similar to a Murphy bed, but you can easily do it yourself.

Choose Curtains Over Doors

Installing sliding doors might take up too much space. You can opt for curtains instead to use for privacy around your bed. More diaphanous fabrics allow light to stream through your room, making it more perfect to use.

Float Your Furniture

Floating furniture can make your space feel even bigger instead of just placing everything against the wall.

Create Cohesion

You can make your unit more cohesive and put together if you use the same colour of paint throughout. Shades of blue can make your sleeping area more distinct.

Hang Tons Of Mirrors

Mirrors are your best friend, especially if you have a small space. Mirrors bounce light off the window, which tricks the eye into thinking the space is huge and brighter.


Studio units might be small, but it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them and make them luxurious. We hope these furniture ideas and tips inspire you to make your unit more stylish. Get ready to turn your humble and tiny abode into a luxurious palace.


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