Ten Things to Consider When Gambling During a Coronavirus Lockdown

Ten Things to Consider When Gambling During a Coronavirus Lockdown
Here in the UK, we are slowly going back into lockdown so I guess that means sticking to online casinos only. But that is OK I suppose because that is what I prefer anyway (I’m an online slots man myself). Having said that, I feel there are things to consider when gambling online during a Coronavirus lockdown that most people might not have thought about. So if you are going to lay down some virtual chips you might want to read this first…



If you just so happen to be feeling a little under-the-weather you might take some pills or at the very least a flu drink, but what you might not know is that these medications can impair your judgment so you might want to avoid any sort of online gambling while you are taking them.

Phone & Onlne Help

With so many people becoming ill with Coronavirus, or at the very least having to self-isolate you might struggle to access an online casinos customer services. From phones to chat boxes, emails to social media chats, it might be that they don’t respond quickly and that might be a problem for some people in certain situations. So make sure at least one way to contact the site is still operational just in case you need it.

Chasing Wins

It is all too easy to start thinking the next win will be yours, or that big jackpot is just around the corner but that is not always the case. Casing wins can be a sure sign that you have a gambling problem and this could easily become exacerbated if you feel ill or drowsy due to medication.


If you are only using an online casino out of boredom you might want to stick to free-play rather than spending money. Even if you only spend pennies over a long time those said pennies could equal pounds and then so on and so forth. Make sure you know how much you are spending and indeed how much time you are gambling for.

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As with medication, your judgment can become impaired while drinking alcohol and that might lead to you chasing losses or worse spending more money than you can afford to lose. Staying sober while using an online casino site will keep the gambling in check and under control.


When you are locked down with nothing else to do you will soon find time getting away from you and never is that truer than when you are playing slots. Even at pennies per-spin at 1 spin per second the amount you are gambling can soon add up to more than you can afford to lose.

Hand Sanitiser

Having excess hand-soap on your hands will not only make your keyboard a little stickier, but it could also cause you to make silly little mistakes like entering the wrong amount into the online wallet of the casino site or even placing your chips on the wrong bet. Make sure those hands are clean and dry before going online for a cheeky flutter.


Much like the hand-sanitiser before it, you should consider not wearing gloves as some of the cheaper plastic ones might cause typos and errors to occur. There is nothing worth that clicking “HIT” when you really wanted to “STICK”. If for some reason you do want to wear gloves try and type slowly and confidently, maybe even sticking to finger pecking.

More Than Money

While you can lose too much money gambling (even in normal times) during a Coronavirus lockdown you might be losing too much time even if you are just playing the free slots. Consider other people in the household and spend some time with them as well. Gambling is only fun, when it is still fun. You could be playing that slot game too much and losing track of what else you enjoy and love, even if you are not losing money.

Consider Others

We end this post with a simple tip about decent common courtesy. You see, some online poker sites have webcams for the players so they can see each other. If you should see someone on cam wearing a Facemask don’t judge them for it! There might be someone who is vulnerable off-screen, or maybe they just feel safer wearing it. We can’t even guess at half the reasons some people might wear one while playing poker online, so leave them to themselves.

Author: Gus Barge

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