Ten Things That Have Fallen From the Skies Other Than Rain

Most of us have heard the saying “it’s raining cats and dog” and some of us have even sang along to The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men! But what we will be taking a look at today is truly weird. Here is a list of ten of the strangest things to have fallen from the skies other than rain or snow…

Its Raining Blood
Its Raining Blood


This might sound like something from a bible story, but in 2008 it really did happen in the small town of La Sierra Choco, Columbia. It was believed to be fish blood from the local fishing port that would often throw smaller and unsold fish back into the water and this was then picked up by evaporation.

Its Raining Money


To me, this sounds like a dream come true! In December 1975 in a small French town, thousands of 1000 franc notes fell from the skies in short bursts and seemingly from nowhere. Still, till today people believe this was a disgruntled back worker who started throwing it off the roof of the local bank but was then swiftly covered up by the bank itself.

Its Raining Golf Balls

Golf Balls

If you think hail can cause some damage, imagine how much damage was caused with it started to rain golf balls in Punta Gorda, Florida. There are two main theories behind this one. The first is that a local tornado sucked up the water from a lake in a local golf course and dropped it on the town, or it was sucked up from a driving range and the golf course had accidentally left buckets of balls out overnight. Whatever the reason for this happening it is pretty amazing.

Its Raining Humans


While I joked about the Weather Girls song in the intro to this article this is a lot more serious. Sadly this is the result of 2 aircraft crashing into each other over the skies of San Diego, California. This then resulted in 144 of the 182 in total killed falling from the skies onto the ground and also on to peoples cars and houses.

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Its Raining Gold


If you thought money raining from the sky was amazing this one will blow you away! In 1982 an aircraft was transporting $5 million in gold bullion when a blowout located at the back of the aircraft resulted in most the gold being sucked out and sprayed all over the airport. I suppose it was better happening there than over a town or city.

Its Raining Spiders


For most of us, this is probably the worse one on this list, but here is the more surprising thing…it happens all the time! The “rain” is made up of Anelosimus spiders who create webs up to 65 feet high which they use to trap insects. This giant web then gets picked up by the lightest of winds and carried over hundreds of miles. I just hope I am never around to witness this off phenomenon.

Its Raining Meteorites


This is something that happens all over the world and has even been credited with bringing primordial life to Earth! While most of these will burn up in the earth’s atmosphere there are many times when they don’t and it can seem like it is literally raining small meteorites.

Its Raining Cows


If you thought raining cats and dogs was a weird saying imagine how people felt when they saw cows starting to rain from the skies! This is sadly more common than you might think as tornadoes will often pick up life stock and carry them miles before depositing them in random locations.

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Its Raining Human Poo


This is not something I would like to dance and sing in that is for sure, but in British Columbia, Canada that is exactly what happened when a water spout hit a local water treatment centre and then deposited it over several miles on the neighbouring town. That is one of those days no umbrella will save you from and no kid should be splashing in the puddles.

Its Raining Fish


If you think the odds of it raining fish are small you need to think again because since records began in 1555 it has rained fish no less than 15 times in Singapore, India, Wales, England, Scotland, Nigeria and Sri Lanka to name just a few locations! It seems nowhere is safe from this fishy rain and it is caused by water spouts picking up schools of fish and then depositing them over various locations.

Author: Gus Barge

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