Top 10 Companies Involved in the Development of Casino Software 

Top 10 Companies Involved in the Development of Casino Software 

In today’s gambling sector, the importance of software companies in providing real-time gaming is growing day by day. These online casino companies make it possible to have several online casino games. They form the backbone of the gambling industry. All the games that you play are possible because of them. 

Although there are hundreds of software companies that develop these gambles. But not all are of the same standard in providing gambles to casino sites. Some casino software companies are there for a long time. This is why they have a top reputation in association with their name. 

Thus, make sure before you start with a casino site, check different reviews about the developers. With such a great selection of games available, it may feel tougher for you to choose the right one. Here are some of the best casino software companies that provide top-quality gambles to punters. 

Real-time Gaming

This top-notch game provider is one of the best in the world right now. They power numerous casinos all over the world. Their gambles are popular owing to their high quality. Don’t forget to check the reviews about RTG casinos that provide top-quality slots. Many RTG online casinos are waiting for you to start playing. 

Real time gaming has proper certifications, so their gambles are completely legit. They offer over 300 games to punters which you can enjoy at RTG casinos. With a great graphics quality, these gambles are fun to play at RTG online casinos. Moreover, a lot of new RTG online casinos are added to the ever-growing list. 

Evolution Gaming

Another fantastic software company that you should look at in the online gambling industry is Evolution gaming. They provide one of the best live dealer games in the industry. Moreover, you can check your Xbox One 5 dollar games with ease from developers like these. You can play their slots on all types of devices, which is another wonderful quality. their casino program is something that all dream about. 


When you talk about gambling software development, you cannot ignore this one. This Stockholm-based company has a great name and fame among the bettors. Offering gambles with great quality and graphics, the platform provides legit gambles to the punters. Above all, they continuously keep on striving to add more features for the better sake of the bettors. Thus, they deserve to be one of the liable providers in the industry. 


Here comes another prolific game provider that has been there for decades. With over 800 games in its portfolio, the company has a lot to offer. They strive and continue to upgrade their software to offer a better experience. With such a reputation and name in the industry, Microgaming has certainly been working hard. 

Play’ N go

This online casino software is in the business since 1997 and has been offering nice betting experience to punters. Offering over 200 games, you can expect a good quality here. Make sure you try some best online casino games that this company powers. Their hard work and dedication make them grow continuously since their creation.

Top 10 Companies Involved in the Development of Casino Software 


This Maltese company started offering gambles since its inception in 2012. You can expect some high-quality gambles from this online casino software. With its specialization in slots, make sure you enjoy some best quality slots here. Its games can be found on numerous casino sites around the globe. 

Pragmatic Play

Being one of the most reliable game providers since 2007, Pragmatic play offers over 150 game titles. Moreover, they keep on adding new gambles regularly to their list. To stay in the business, they regularly keep on adding new features. However, with such a selection of games, you cannot ignore this developer. 


Playtech which is one of the largest game providers in the world owns a quick spin. They have a nice reputation in the online gambling industry because of their highly popular gambles. It is online since 2012 and since then has been growing and adding more and more gambles. Their selection of games is one of the best in the world that why you should try them. 


After its launch in 2015, Booongo is a very popular gambling software development company in the industry. It has over 30 games in its portfolio that are of premium quality and great to play. They strive hard in providing special gambles to the players since its inception. The company keeps on making partnerships with the casinos powering their gambles. Over 50 online casinos have their gambles on their list. 


This site has been offering gambles to the players since 2013 to be one of the best sites. Although the company is new to the industry, they still own a place. What makes this company more successful is getting some nice support from top players. Besides, their selection of slots is something that we all appreciate. 


As clear a lot of software providers are there in the industry providing gambles. Thus, before starting, make sure you have a look at the provider. In the online gambling industry, the necessity of these companies is clear. The above-mentioned software developers are some of the companies that you should look for. Choosing a game developer also develops on the type of casino game you are aiming to play. 


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