Ten Amazing Designs for Dc Comics Jewellery (Jewellery Art)

The problem with being a nerdette is that when it comes to sparking gifts there just isn’t anything on the market for you.  Well, it seems the highly skilled jewellery makers “nOir jewellery” have spotted this gap in the market and have made some of the most nerd inspired bling you will ever see. They are all DC Comics-inspired designs, and all of them are well worth seeing…


Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Green Lantern ring from nOir Jewelry

10 – Green Lantern

This was not part of the original DC comics collection, but rather an amazing prize in a Twitter competition. The ring is made from solid brass plated in Rhodium with Cubic Zirconia stones in pave setting and a glowing green precious stone, simulating the power of the Green Lantern.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Superman ring from nOir Jewelry

9 – Superman

With the original Superman logo on the main part, this ring might not give you superpowers, but it will make you feel super. Noir Jewellery has collaborated with Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Moschino, and many other big-name fashion designers to bring is these and to create exclusive pieces for all their runway shows.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Wonder Woman ring from nOir Jewelry

8 – Wonder Woman

It is nice that is for sure, but I would have thought that using the Wonder Woman licence they could have made something sexier, and powerful. I think this one, unlike the others, just doesn’t capture the power of the hero behind it.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Catwoman ring from nOir Jewelry

7 – Catwoman

While it does indeed capture the sexy style and cat claws style of Catwoman I think it would have been much better off going all black in style with the Halle Berry look. It does look amazing but could have been better.

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Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Action Words necklace from nOir Jewelry

6 – Action Words

For those of us old enough to remember watching the Adam West Batman series, we will instantly recognise this. While Batman was fighting these comic style words would pop up onto the screen to show the action in a comic style. Well, these necklaces are no joke and would look great on any nerdette.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Gotham City Stackable ring from nOir Jewelry

5 – Gotham City (Stackable ring)

Not just one amazing Gotham City ring, but 3 that are all stackable! Placed together they are something very special, but singly they could form a small band of very close friends in an eternal struggle to save the city. Or maybe just a nerdette girl band! Making it from pure silver makes it looks simply stunning.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Superman ring from nOir Jewelry

4 – Superman 2

I did really like the Superman ring we saw in number 9, but this simply styled band ring is much more practical and therefore buy-able.  Saying the words “I’m a Supergirl” around the outside as well as the Superman logo it is pure class.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Gotham City bracelet from nOir Jewelry

3 – Gotham City (bracelet)

The amazing contrast between the back platinum and the gold makes this Gotham city bracelet stand out like a sore thumb. The sheer level of detail is worth buying it for alone. If there was one I would love to own myself I think it would have to be this one. Not wear of course, but to look at and marvel at the craftsmanship.

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Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Superman necklace from nOir Jewelry

2 – Superman (Necklace)

I am sure there will be a lot of people and indeed quite a few nerdettes that will disagree with me here, but out of the entire DC collection of jewellery, I think this one is the most tasteful. Well, that is my opinion anyway.

Top 10 Amazing DC Comics Jewellery
Gotham City ring from nOir Jewelry

1 – Gotham City

Not just a single Super Hero theme this time. This ring is inspired by the entire Gotham skyline! As a ring, it might look a little silly on the finger, but if you were a true nerdette you wouldn’t care about small details like that.

Author: Gus Barge

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