Ten Creepy Deep-Water Creatures You Won’t Believe Are Real

These creepy deep-water animals look like monsters but are quite inoffensive. First, because they live at the bottom of the seas and Oceans, thus pose no threat to us and second because humans do not represent a source of food for them. These marine monsters are unknown to most of you but they also deserve some attention. Even though some may not be really good-looking, others look quite scary and some are only weird, they are all part of our world and thus, are important and very interesting.

The Anglerfish

1. The Anglerfish

This is by far the most terrifying beast in the Ocean. Obviously a fierce predator, it attracts its victims by means of a thread in the middle of their heads, a prolongation dorsal spine which has the ability to glow. The lighting is a result of symbiosis with glowing bacteria. While scientists are not sure how bacteria ended up there, they know that once inside, the bacteria multiply to such an extent that the light they emit is very bright.

Saber-Toothed viperfish

2. Saber-Toothed viperfish

This little monster sure can bite! With those long, scary teeth, I would certainly not want the beast anywhere near me! Luckily, we have few chances to meet, as it prefers tropical waters, whereas I prefer the cosiness of my office. However, those of you who do swim in that tropical water do not have to worry either: The Saber-Toothed Viperfish (what an appropriate name) is a deep-water creature.

Spiky sea urchin

3. Spiky sea urchin

Even though those spikes are actually intended for self-protection, the round, colourful sea urchins sure look scary! They come in different colours, varying from black to red, purple, plum or brown. This plum-coloured individual may look quite beautiful, and they make an appreciated dish, but they have an evil appearance…

The Megamouth shark

4. The Megamouth shark

This is a very rare specie of deepwater shark. Only a few specimens were seen so far. When hunting, it opens its enormous mouth so wide that it covers its eyes. This monstrous mouth owns an impressive set of 50 rows of sharp teeth of small dimensions, both on the upper and on the lower jaw. Scary or what?

The Blackdragon fish

5. The Blackdragon fish

This monster is also an inhabitant of deep waters and, same as the anglerfish attracts prey by means of its bioluminescent organs. Its illuminated organs are placed on the belly and next to each eye. If you take a close look at the photo you will notice that this weird-looking fish even has teeth on the tongue!

The Moray eel

6. The Moray eel

This evil-looking fellow is a moray eel, an animal which is spread in all the waters of the world. The cousin of this individual, the Giant Moray may grow up to 3 meters in length and up to 36 kg. Despite its aspect and bad reputation, the moray eel is not attacking humans but rather hides from divers. However, when fed by hand, it may confuse the hand with the food and bite the human. It is not an easy bite, as some divers lost their fingers as a consequence of this type of entertainment.

Armored sea robin

7. Armored sea robin

In the deepness of the tropical waters, these alien-looking fish are waiting patiently for their prey. The coral-red armoured sea robins. They also live deep under the water and are equipped with spines.

The Fangtooth

8. The Fangtooth

The name of this fish is quite representative, as it itself with long, sharp teeth. Actually, when compared to the size of its body, the teeth of this fish become one of the longest in any fish. It looks scary, doesn’t it? What if I tell you that it only reaches a size of 16 cm (6 inches)? Its bite must be pretty serious though.

The Giant Isopod

9. The Giant Isopod

This giant bug, the largest isopod in the world is an inhabitant of the deep seas of the Atlantic and is related to common creatures such as shrimps, crabs and common garden bugs but they are simply huge. One of these sea isopods may even reach a length of 40 centimetres and despite their creepy look, they are quite inoffensive.

Crimson Jellyfish

10. Crimson Jellyfish

The beautiful Atolla jellyfish seems anything but creepy. However, when threatened, it emits a creepy blue light that scares the predator away. The fascinating rotating light coming from below may scare of death inexperienced divers.

Do you know of any other amazing deep-water animals that should have made this list? If you do why not tell u about them in the comments below, or let us know which animal you found the most creepy? 

Author: Gus Barge

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