Top 10 Common Online Casino Scams

Top 10 Common Online Casino Scams

Scams and Frauds are very common when it comes to online casinos. Undoubtedly the advent of technology and the subsequent advancement it has brought to the online gambling world is remarkable, but along with it, there are various disadvantages. One such disadvantage is fraud and scams. Let us have a look at the 10 most common scams encountered in online casinos.

Deposit Theft

Almost every gambler is well associated with this terminology. Many online casinos ask you to deposit a certain amount with them before you can start the game, the policy being very similar to any other security deposit. However, the real problem starts when one tries to withdraw this money. The casinos have a popular way of deceiving their customers by indulging them into endless loops of formalities and glitches when they try to retrieve the money, until the point when the player becomes frustrated and stops chasing the money. This is by far the most frequently encountered scam and every single player should be aware of this fraud as it could happen to anyone at any point in time.

The Threat of Ransomware Attacks

If you are an old player, you must be well aware of the 2017 casino ransomware attacks that created havoc and were one of the biggest setbacks for online casinos ever in history. If you are not aware, here is the long story cut short. When you decide to gamble at any online casino, they will ask you to download the software or app for the game. Imagine a situation when you have just started the download process and your phone or computer screen goes blank with the message that your device has been locked. Did this give you a mini cardiac arrest? It is the truth and things like this happen very frequently. To stay away from malicious software make sure you download apps and software only from verified sources that have legal permissions.

Stealing Identity Information

The whole world is frustrated with the leak of private information that they put up with apps and companies, and how could you think that casinos will not join the league. The breach of privacy and thrift of private identity data is one of the biggest scams associated with online casinos in today’s digital world and they have multiple ways of doing so. Most of the fraud online casinos prove themselves as the legal ones by putting forward reliable yet false banners. When the user shares private details they steal them. Second, they could deny your payment and lock your account and then ask you to upload any private ID to unlock your account. Another is even worse. Since casinos involve a lot of details about credit and debit cards and financial transactions, they could steal very sensitive data of the user and that will lead to immense loss. To avoid this, make sure you switch to cryptocurrency as much as possible.

Won’t Pay You

Won’t Pay You

Seems astonishing? If you are into online gambling, once or twice at least you must have faced this incident. It goes like this – you place a massive bet and you win the bet. Now you are all happy that you will withdraw your winnings. All of a sudden, the server hangs, the screen goes black and the website cannot be retracted any longer. That is heartbreaking indeed but a solid scam as well. Make sure you have the customer care number of the casino before you start placing bets. Legitimate casinos usually don’t dupe their customers so be sure about your choice.

The Trap of Rigged Games

Many unfaithful online casinos pair up with software and companies that run rigged games. The concept of rigged games is fairly simple. First, they will make you win plenty of games so that you get lured and place your trust in them and in the end, they will drain every single penny you place as a bet. It is the worst kind of psychological exploitation and many casinos pair up with such rigged gaming companies to rob their clients. To avoid the scams, all you have to do is, believe in your inner conscience and stay away from excessive greed. Aso, restrain from partnering with online casinos that you don’t know much about.

Exceedingly Attractive Bonuses

Much of the business of casinos is centred around exploiting the players psychologically. One such famous psychological scam that online casinos play is offering too good welcome bonuses. Anyone who has for at least once googled about online casinos knows that every casino offers welcome bonuses. In case you realize the bonus is being a bit too sugary, avoid that. Remember that they are running a business and not a charity. Also remember any welcome bonus game that requires a prior deposition of money is probably a scam and you must not fall into the trap

Faking their Identity

What do you look for when trying to understand whether a casino is real or fake? Their license, their reviews, and all of that. Now, in today’s world, all of that can be faked easily. And the player gets duped easily. The safest alternative is to go for an expert guide who knows the ins and outs of the casino world before indulging in games with any online casino.

No Customer Service

No Customer Service

The best-known and most popular scam in the online gambling world is the lack of customer service. In case you are facing a problem, getting duped, unable to withdraw money, you will definitely need to call the customer service executive for getting help from the side of the casino. What if the contact details provided for customer service on the casino website are false? Yes, it happens many times. Before you place a bet or deposit any money with an online casino., make sure you verify the customer service contact details once to know for sure the authenticity of the online casino and not get duped.

Fake Advertising

There are a lot of online casinos that offer a lot of bonuses to attract you to deposit money into those platforms to begin with your online gambling journey. Some of the advertisements may be true, however, most of the advertisements from those casinos may not be true as they always have terms and conditions that may be quite impossible for you to fulfil before claiming all these bonuses.

The legality of the Origin of the Online Casino

A lot of online casinos claim that they are legal on their website, however, they are actually not. For example, there are not many online casinos to be legal in Singapore but almost all online platforms that you found from google claim that they are legalized to run their business. This can actually lead you to believe in the casino and may end up getting scammed from those platforms.

Final Thoughts

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