Ten Cats With Moustaches That Simple Moustache You Some Questions!

I have always wanted to try to grow a moustache for Movember (awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health), but it is never going to happen. I can’t go one day without shaving! So I thought I would bring you this post instead…


Top 10 Funny Cats with Moustaches
Cat with a Moustache

10 –The Face Fuzz

We start with a cat with one of the fluffiest moustaches I have ever seen! And best of all is that if you look at the cat’s chest if that patch of white fur was a few inches higher it would look like he had a beard as well!

Cat with a Moustache

9 – The debonair

This is a cat who is all about style over doing good deeds for charity. He has grown one because he thinks it looks good on him, and dare I say it kind of does!

Cat with a Moustache

8 – The Eyes

It is the eyes that seem to draw you away from the face fuzz of this cat. But to be fair it is a rather tidy moustache and one he should be proud of.

Cat with a Moustache

7 – The Angry Tash

This is the grumpy old moustache cat is as classic as it gets. It is not trim and kept like many of the others we have seen so far, this is an angry, wild moustache that grows its own way.

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Cat with a Moustache

6 – The Classic

This cat has gone for a ye-oldie style moustache. Hanging low on the face but yet with purpose and style. It is often called the Lars Le Viking as I would image the Vikings used to have much the same style.

Cat with a Moustache

5 – The Dark Face

I’m not sure if this cat’s moustache is supposed to look like the Batman logo, it really is Batmans cat growing one for Movember! Whatever the reason it looks cool if only I could grow one like this!

Cat with a Moustache

4 – Conetache

OK, so this cat is cheating a little bit, but who is to say that he hasn’t got a mighty fine moustache behind that cone? And maybe the real one behind the cone is so big that it is causing a shadow to project onto the cone! Now that is a scary thought.

Cat with a Moustache

3 – “I’d Love To Stay and Chat, But I Mustache!”

Now here is a classic Tash. Almost Dali in style it is very French in terms of look and gives this little kitty an air of sophistication that he otherwise might not have had.

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Cat with a Moustache

2 – “I Moustache You A Question…”

Now here is a think little number. Often called the Burt Reynolds of face fur it has to be well-kept, look shiny and be so think that even water can’t get into it.

Cat with a Moustache

1 – “Remember, Remember To Stache in November!”

And now we come to the classic Super Mario style facial hair. With the bushiest part being in the middle it has to curl up at the ends to give it that cow licked look. This to me is a true gentleman’s moustache.

Author: Gus Barge

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