Top 10 Cats Dressed as Cartoon Characters

Do you enjoy watching cartoons? Maybe you did as a child but have since lost your love for them. Well, these ten cats have all the love in the world for their favourite cartoon characters, so much so, that they have decided to dress up like them…



Top 10 Cats Dressed as Cartoon Characters
Cat Dressed as The Cat in the Hat: Dr Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat

10 – Cat in the Hat

This cat thinks Mike Myers played a good role, but he will never be able to compete with the original cartoons.

Cat Dressed as Paddington Bear: Paddington

9 – Paddington

He has never been to London, hates marmalade sandwiches and doesn’t go on adventures further than his own backyard. But he does have the entire Paddington box set!

Cat Dressed as Leonardo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

8 – Leonardo

This cat is not a fan of the new action films. Give this puss the classic cartoons anyway of the week. In fact, he has all the box sets and the toys!

Cat Dressed as Nibbler: Futurama

7 – Nibbler

He might be dressed up as Nibbler, but like most cats, he is fussy about what he eats. Only the best future Kitty Nibbles for him.

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Cat Dressed as Hello Kitty

6 – Hello Kitty

It might not be on TV outside of a Japanese TV channel, but people still love it. This cat doesn’t just like Hello Kitty, she thinks she is her!

Cat Dressed as Kowalski: Madagascar

5 – Kowalski

You might not remember every character’s name from The Penguins of Madagascar, but this cat does and has his favourite penguin costume as well.

Cat Dressed as Woody: Toy Story

4 – Woody

Getting told to “Reach for the skies” by your own cat is not going to be something you would expect to happen. But it happens to this cat’s owner at least twice a day!

Cat Dressed as Princess Jasmine: Aladdin

3 – Princess Jasmine

Not only a costume, but this cat also has her very own flying carpet! This is the perfect costume for cats, all glitter and glamour.

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Cats Dressed as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

2 – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse

These cats love their retro cartoons and watch the Disney channel all day long! But it seems Mickey has gone a bit cross-eyed from too much TV watching.

Cat Dressed as Finn the Human: Adventure Time

1 – Finn the Human

This poor puss looks like he is having no fun on his adventure time at all. Maybe his dog Jake has let him down and gone off with Lady Rainicorn

Author: Gus Barge

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