Top 10 Jackpot Winning Casino Soundtracks To Win With

Top 10 Jackpot Winning Casino Soundtracks To Win With
Top 10 Jackpot Winning Casino Soundtracks To Win With

Are you driving to a casino or maybe staying at home, playing online and looking for some inspirational casino music? These ten tracks will supercharge you gambling and make the casino experience even more memorable…



10 – Motörhead ~ The Ace of Spades

With lyrics like this “You know I’m born to lose and gambling’s for fools But that’s the way I like it” it is perfect for the gamblers way of life. Let’s just hope you don’t lose your money as has as this song plays.

9 – Lady Gaga ~ Poker Face

Not the most upbeat song in this list, but the serious tones and feet tapping track make it perfect for the poker players trying to get into the winning zone.

8 – Gram Parsons ~ Ooh Las Vegas

Not the most pro-gambling lyrics you will ever hear, but you take the words as a meaning to be carful about how much you gamble and how fast it can happen.

7 – Rihanna ~ Russian Roulette

Taken from Rihanna’s fourth studio album, this is all about preparing yourself for the gamble, not so much about the gambling itself.

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6 – Bob Dylan ~ Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie

This is all about the greatest gambler in the world and should get you easily into the winning spirt.

5 – Rolling Stones ~ Tumbling Dice

The lyrics tell of a gambler who cannot remain faithful to any woman, but the main undertone is about taking a risk and knowing that to do when the time is right.

4 – ABBA ~ The Winner Takes It All

No gambling soundtrack could be without this one from ABBA, it’s powerful, emotional and all about winning. This is sure to spur you onto a win yourself.

3 – Townes Van Zandt ~ St John the Gambler

St. John The Gambler song appears on the album ‘Our Mother the Mountain’ and is a classic gambler track and very much wild west in style making it a great foot tapper.

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2 – Frank Sinatra ~ Luck be a Lady

“Luck Be a Lady” is a signature song for Frank Sinatra and one that reminds people that luck comes in all shapes and sizes, even if you think you are losing.

1 – Elvis Presley ~ Viva Las Vegas

Ahh, Elvis. The perfect casino trick. It’s fast, upbeat and crammed with just about every single casino game going. Some do get close to it, but when it comes to the perfect Las Vegas soundtrack, this is the king of them all from the King himself.

Author: Gus Barge

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