Top 10 Most Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Videogames have become such an immersive medium that they feel almost like real-life sometimes, but as is the case with reality sometimes things get a little odd and weird things start to happen. If any of these bugs are causing you some issues you can visit sites like or to get ahead of the game and get a game-save that doesn’t feature these annoying glitches. In the meanwhile, you are about to read ten of the weirdest bugs found in games that really shouldn’t exist (or are they put there as an Easter Egg?)…

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Madden NFL 15

Bugs don’t get much stranger than this one. When you are playing with the Cleveland Browns there are times with the linebacker Christian Kirksey shows up as a tinny, weeny person instead of the 6’2” man mountain he is. Many people believe this is not a bug at all, but intentionally put into the game as a joke.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Deux EX 2

For some strange reason, a bug in this game can often cause NPC’s to become stuck inside pieces of furniture and even parts of the scenery like walls and doors! This can lead to some pretty funny scenes as they ragdoll style flop around.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game


Over the years of FIFA videogames there has been some pretty funny bugs and glitches, but none more so than the giant player bug in which you can often come face to face with a giant player which is more often than not the goalkeeper making scoring a goal pretty much impossible!

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Fallout 4

As per usual with any Bethesda game there are countless bugs and glitches that are sure to make you laugh, but the floating body parts one is the best with parts of VATS killed humans hanging in the air as if they were gory puppets.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Sims 4

Not even the developers are sure why this bug happens, but there are times when the parts of babies in this sims game stick out making some of the creepiest babies you will ever see.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Battlefield 3

Have you ever wanted to fight giants with just guns? There is a bug in this game in which giant players are spawned into the game and often halfway into the ground. They soon die the same way every other player does, only they are a lot easier to hit especially with a rocket launcher.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game


To be fair to this game there isn’t many glitches or bugs in it at all, but one of the few that does show up is a terrifying one and that is land sharks. Yes, sharks have been seen simply swimming out of the water and swimming around on land, only in the air! It’s the stuff of nightmares!

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Have you ever seen a horse do a 360 flip? No, you probably haven’t, but play this amazing game enough and you will soon find one that does. While the game does look amazing the horses are very prone to doing some rather odd things.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

Dead Space 2

This bug occurs when a player has died against some scenery but comes back with most of his body parts still missing! But this bug doesn’t come and go, you will play like this until you die again making for some great videogame glitch moments.

Bizarre Bugs Found in Video Game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Being a Bethesda game you know there will be a lot of bugs and glitches, but some people have seen a bug in which various NPC’s will walk about quite happily with no head! This disturbing bug then makes itself worse as the NPC will never grow it back again!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it. If you know of any other great bugs or glitches do please leave a comment below.

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