Top 10 Risks That You May Have to Face as a Bitcoin Investor!

Top 10 Risks That You May Have to Face as a Bitcoin Investor!

The eye of investors from all over the world is stuck on bitcoin nowadays. Everyone is seeing it as an investment that can offer huge returns in the next few years. But if you also want to invest your money in bitcoins, you must get to know about the risks involved. Some of the biggest risks of investing in bitcoins are as follows.


Cyber-attacks refer to hacking, phishing, or any other kind of online attack. It is one of the biggest risks related to bitcoin investments. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, so there is no government authority that manages or controls it. It is the primary reason that hackers and cybercriminals attack bitcoin wallets and online bitcoin exchanges, like software for stealing private keys and the bitcoins stored in wallets. So, you must be careful and prefer using cold bitcoin wallets such as hardware wallets as they are offline.

Changing prices

The instability of the bitcoin market is another major risk of investing in bitcoins. The market price of bitcoin keeps on fluctuating, which makes it a risky investment as you never know if it will increase or decrease in the future. So, the best way to minimize the risk of high price volatility is to make small investments for the long term.

Frauds and scams

With the increasing popularity of bitcoins, the number of scammers and fraudulent online platforms has increased a lot. There is no law that controls the bitcoin transaction, so there is no punishment for committing any fraud or scam using bitcoins. It is the reason that numerous people try to scam novice bitcoin investors and take away their money. So, you do not share the private keys with anyone at any cost.

Dependent on the Internet

Bitcoin is a digital currency, and you can only use it via the internet. Another risk related to it is that if there is no internet, your investment will be of no value. In simple words, there is no physical collateral that can be used as a backup for the bitcoin investment. So, you must keep that in mind while investing in bitcoins as it is a major risk and can kick back anytime.

Top 10 Risks That You May Have to Face as a Bitcoin Investor!

Block hiding

Blocks refer to the mathematical problems which are solved to create new bitcoins. But some bitcoin miners hide the newly created blocks from the network using high computational power, and it is known as block withholding or hiding. It minimizes the benefits or profits provided to the investors. So, it is another bitcoin investment risk that you need to know about.

Minimum uses

Bitcoin may be an incredible and profitable investment, but as a payment method, it has minimum application. It is rarely accepted as a viable form of payment, and you need to do a lot of research to find a store that accepts bitcoin payments. So, if you are investing in bitcoin with an expectation to use it like fiat currency as a payment method, you are highly mistaken.

Risk of loss

Every investment has a certain risk to reward ratio according to which one decides to make an investment or not. But if we talk about bitcoin, it is a popular investment, but the risk of facing a loss is quite high, which is the primary reason that it is also called a Ponzi scheme. As more people start investing in bitcoins and it reaches the top, the bubble bursts, and the price crashes.

Developing technology

Bitcoin is a highly promising technology, but you must keep one thing in mind: it is still under development. Several changes have to be made to it before it gets fully developed. So, you never know who it may turn out to be in the future, which makes it a bit risky to invest in bitcoins. So, you must be careful while making an investment in it.

Top 10 Risks That You May Have to Face as a Bitcoin Investor!

Irreversible payments

Bitcoin payments cannot be reversed once it is confirmed. It makes it riskier as if you make any mistake while making a bitcoin transaction and send the funds to the wrong person; you won’t be able to get the bitcoins back.

Losing private keys

Private keys are used to access the bitcoin wallet and make transactions. So, another risk is that if you lose the private keys or someone else gains access to them, he/she can use your bitcoins and make transactions.

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