Ten of the Best Places to Visit in Norway

If you are planning a trip, or a Norway & Scandinavia cruise in the next few years you might want to stay a little longer than you had planned to pay a visit to these ten amazing locations as they are a showcase of what makes Norway the amazing country that it is and each one represents a little something that the others don’t…


1. Akershus

Akershus is a county that offers you access to other counties like Østfold, Buskerud, Oppland, Hedmark, and Oslo. Akershus has more than 500,000 inhabitants, making it the area with the second largest population next to Oslo (which is not part of the whole Akershus per se). You can find the county administration in Oslo.

This county has two recognized university hospitals, Sunnaas Hospital and Akershus University Hospital. If you encounter problems concerning your health, you can always visit these reliable hospitals. For tourists like you, it is also important to know that Akershus’ major international airport is the Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.


2. Buskerud

Through Buskerud, you can visit other nearby places like Akershus, Sogn og Fjordane, Oslo, Oppland, Vestfold, Telemark and Hordaland. You can find its administration in Drammen.

Currently, lumbering, wood-pulp mills, agriculture and industry are Buskerud’s primary economic activities. Begna and Rands rivers supply Buskerud with a sufficient supply of hydroelectric power. Buskerud is named after Norse Biskupsruð, also known as the old farm Buskerud in Modum. This was the seat of the bailiffs for a long period of time that ended in 1668.


3. Norland

Why not visit Norland if you are in counties like Troms and Nord-Trøndelag? Norlans is North Norway’s southernmost county. This county is popular because it is easy to explore by foot. If you are fond of art and you want to see ethereal and impressive lights, savage landscapes and medieval buildings, Norland is the town to visit. This is also perfect for you if you want to experience nature in a different way.

Enjoy the coastline of Nordland, sprinkled with forests and lakes. Be amazed by the breathtaking views of pastures, bays and glacier-carved peaks. You can also visit fishing villages or spend some time bird watching in the countryside.


4. Troms

Troms, also known as Romsa, is located in northern Norway. It borders on Nordland and Finnmark. Troms is a county in Norway perfect for nature lovers. Here you can ski, hike and even island hop.

With only 60,000 inhabitants and the largest town in Northern Norway, Trom is definitely the place to visit if you want a quiet town. You don’t need to deal with congested roads, traffic and highly commercialized areas. If you are a nature-tripper, there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit Troms.


5. Vestfold

Vestfold is sandwiched between Telemark and Buskerud. Its administration is located in Tønsberg. As its name indicates, this county is at the west of the Oslo Fjord. Here, you can find smaller towns in Norway like Horten, Sandefjord, Larvik and Tønsberg. These smaller towns, no matter how small, are the popular towns in Norway. In its district runs the river Numedalslågen.

You can see many islands at the coast of Vestfold. Lowland is dominant in this county. It is also one of the finest agricultural areas in Norway. Vestfold is ideal for sailing and shipping. Its coastal towns are currently engaged in shipbuilding and fishing. It is in this district where you can find the best farmland in the country.


6. Oppland

Oppland is a gateway to other counties in Norway like Oslo, Buskerud, Møre og Romsdal, Hedmark, Sogn og Fjordane, Sør-Trøndelag and Akershus. Here you can explore historic villages that display an open-air museum. A popular open-air museum is the Maihaugen Open-Air Museum in Lillehammer, Oppland.

If you are bringing kids with you, you can bring them to Hunderfossen Amusement Park. Hunderfossen focuses on Norwegian folk tales. Here, you can also enjoy views of the mountains, water park and nature reserve.


7. Rogaland

Stopping by Rogaland gives you easier access to other counties like Vest-Agder, Hordaland, Aust-Agder and Telemark. Rogaland is the centre of the petroleum-industry in Norway, which makes Rogaland the county with the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

In Rogaland, international congresses and festivals are held frequently; these include The ONS event, The Maijazz Festival, The Gladmat Festival and The Chamber Music Festival. You can check out The ONS, a major international exhibition and conference with a special concentration on gas and oil (among other topics relating to the industry of petroleum). At Bjergsted, you can visit The Concert Hall and Music Complex and experience the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra is popular for providing significant inspiration to the musical culture of Norway.


8. Hordaland

If you are going to visit Hordaland in Norway, you can also drop by its bordering counties like Telemark, Sogn og Fjordane, Rogaland and Buskerud. It is the third largest county in Norway after Akershus. It also has the third largest population next to Oslo. Hordaland is home to many prominent people like Ole Bull, a violinist and a composer Bergen; Ludvig Holberg, an author and a playwright; Christian Michelsen, the first Prime Minister of Norway; Herman Friele, a coffee king and the mayor; and Varg Vikernes, a metal rock musician.


9. Telemark

In the southeastern part of Norway lies Telemark, a county extending to the Skagerrak coast from Hardangervidda. Telemark boasts of its heterogeneous landscape with many valleys and hills.

Visiting Telemark will be a great experience for snowboarders. You can visit a little resort called Gaustablikk, which is home to many lifts and long runs most snowboarders look forward to. You can also experience ice climbing in Rjukan and challenge yourself with every climb. You can enjoy endless icefalls and waterfalls everywhere in Telemark.


10. Finnmark

Visiting Finnmark is your chance to visit Troms and other countries like Lapland in Finland and Murmansk Oblast in Russia. During your stay here, you can visit a historic site called Rock Drawings of Alta. Here you will find a good cafe with drawings placed in a beautiful path for the convenience and enjoyment of tourists like you. If you are interested in its history, you can visit museums like Nordkapphallen and Nordkappmuseet.

Norway is one of the most diverse, artistic and beautiful places to visit, even Norwegians themselves can get a new appreciation of their amazing country by including travelling as one of the best things they can do on a weekend. And if you’re stressed out and want to relax and get in touch with the wild scenery and imposing buildings of old Norway, places like Norland and Troms should definitely tickle your fancy.

Author: Gus Barge

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