Ten of the Best Kipkay Videos and Why You Need to Subscribe

Do you want to know how to hack an old camcorder to be able to see in the dark, or how to chill a Coke in 2 minutes? Well, with these and many more related videos, KipKay is the guy who you should seek.

KipKay, or for the few who know him as Kip Kedersha, is the go-to man on YouTube for how-to videos, pranks and hacks. He basically hacks and re-engineers everyday household items such as flashlights and light bulbs; he sometimes mixes it up and brings you “hack pack” videos…


10 – Quick-Draw Gadget

KipKay explains how he would use the quick-draw gadget to secretly disguise his toothbrush and then quickly whip out his toothbrush in case of a bad breath emergency. Which in theory would leave him with that just brushed feeling. But we all know you ain’t putting a toothbrush on the end of the quick-draw are you? So for those of you who have always wanted to follow in Kick-Ass’s footsteps, here you go.

9 – 007 Laser Weapon

If you are a 007 fanboy and James Bond is your hero this next hack is for you. Just as long as you have a Walther PPK replica and an Xbox HD DVD drive lying around then you will be laughing. To paraphrase Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, “My Walther PPK has a laser beam.”

8 – Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes

I can relate to KipKay regarding this issue, as many times I have forgotten to refrigerate a can of Coke or Beer and then have been too impatient to wait and ended up drinking the room temperate beverage. With a simple trick of using salt to lower the freezing temperature of water, you can easily super-chill a beverage in 2 minutes – and yes, I do in fact use the same method from time to time.

7 – 9 Volt Battery Hack

When I first laid eyes upon this video it was definitely a WOW moment. As if there are AAA batteries in certain 9v batteries – I don’t know what to believe anymore. I am sure some of you trolls will still think the videos is fake and if you do, psh! However, a lot of fake and spoof videos did arise online due to KipKay’s 9v battery hack.

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6 – How to See in The Dark

If you have a spare camcorder laying around then you can turn it into a night-vision camera that will blow more expensive night-vision camcorders out of the water! Let’s face it, some of us do have those old VHS camcorders and other camcorders laying around in the loft. So rather than holding onto it like a family heirloom, you may as well hack it and turn it into something useful.

5 – Blu-ray Laser Phaser

If you consider yourself a huge Star Trek fan, you have £100 spare and some time and patience then this is the how-to hack video for you. The task may seem a little daunting, but not many people can say they own a Star Trek classic Phaser!

4 – How to Escape From Plastic Handcuffs

It seems a lot of people are getting arrested way too often, or are massive Houdini fans and wish to get into escapology. Either way, at least you will never have handcuff burns the next time someone ties you up with plastic handcuffs – just make sure you don’t drop your pin.

3 – Laser Flashlight Hack

Have a spare Mini-Mag Flashlight laying around? Well, why not turn it into a cool burning laser pointer? As everyone knows it’s not cool unless it has a laser on it. The laser is actually quite powerful and can easily burn through things, pop balloons and light matches. I’m unsure how long the batteries would last but you could definitely have hours of fun with this bad boy.

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2 – How to Escape from Handcuffs

Yeah, I am now quite sure that some of you are doing things that you shouldn’t as this is the second handcuff video and these days there are many more of them on this same channel. Just remember this is for entertainment purposes and doesn’t turn you into an escapologist instantly.

1 – Cheapy Lighter Laser Burner

It seems KipKay really likes lasers as he has made many videos featuring them. But this one made from a cheap lighter is one of the best.

I hope you enjoyed these KipKay’s videos as much as I did and you will also be pleased to know that the guy has hundreds of other videos with new videos being released almost every month. While this channel is nowhere near as popular as it once was, it’s still well worth subscribing to.

Author: Gus Barge

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