Top 10 Benefits of Pet Insurance From a Vet’s Point of View

Top 10 Benefits of Pet Insurance From a Vet’s Point of View

Pet insurance is a health policy made specifically for your fur baby. You can talk to your veterinarian about their thoughts on the benefits of having coverage on your pet. I have listed the main benefits below. Some may fit your needs, some may not. Remember when getting a pet insurance policy that you shop around for the best one at a price that will not break the bank.

Ease of Mind

Our fur babies are part of the family, and they need medical care just like we do. It is suggested that around 10% of vet visits that require extensive care result in the animal being put to sleep due to the owner’s lack of being able to pay for care. Vets cost money. Insurance allows you to be at ease knowing that if something bad does come up, that your pet is covered and will get the care that they need.

Saves Money

The cost of taking your pet to the vet can be very expensive when tests or medications are needed. A policy will help alleviate a large amount of the costs. The amount that you save depends upon the policy that you have chosen.

Vet Stays

If your fur baby needs to stay a night or two at the vet clinic because of an accident, or sudden illness, you will be able to allow it if your pet is covered. Vet stays, just like hospital stays, are expensive. A policy will make the cost to you bearable.

Treatment Options

In many instances, the options for treatments are often limited due to the high expense of having them done. Your furry friend deserves the right to treatments that will help with whatever they have going on. A normally out-of-reach treatment plan can be chosen when coverage is available.

Pick A Plan

When purchasing pet insurance Australian companies will allow you to pick your own plan. You can have a high deductible, so you get a lower premium cost. You can choose a high payout maximum to ensure your pet will always be covered. The plan depends on you, your fur baby, and your budget.

Top 10 Benefits of Pet Insurance From a Vet’s Point of View

Pick Your Vet

You can pick any veterinarian that you want if they are registered. You can even have more than one vet if you need it, such as when you are travelling.

All Pets

Any type of pet can be covered with a policy. No stipulations are made when getting a policy if you list what your pet is from the start.


Most pet owners have a monthly budget that they follow. When you have a pet a budget for them must be set up as well. Accidents or illnesses to them will not disable your active budget because you do not have to pay excess amounts out of your pocket.


When bad things happen, and your companion needs to go to the vet, a lot of times you would have to dip into your savings account to pay for the service. This is not the case if your pet has a good policy.

Pets Health

The best part about having pet insurance is that you can focus on the health of your pet. You do not have to stress about how to cover the bills, or what you should do. Focus on getting your pet better and let the policy handle the bills.

The British Veterinary Association states that owning a pet is a privilege. With that comes great responsibility. Having a policy that covers your fur baby is a necessity when it comes to responsible ownership.

Author: Gus Barge

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