Ten Ancient Pyramids You Can Visit Other Than the Egyptian Pyramids

Millions of people every year go to Egypt with many of them going there just to see the Egyptian Pyramids. But those amazing structures are not the only Ancient Pyramids you can visit around the worlds, there are way more than you might think. But I have handpicked ten of the most popular for you to look at here and maybe consider going to visit them once all these COVID travel restrictions have been lifted…


The Greek Pyramids

The Greek Pyramids

Also known as the Pyramids of Argolis these ancient structures are located in the plains of Argolid, Greece they are each said to be a single tomb, but do look more like mine forts as the tops have been destroyed a long time ago. They were made around 2000–400 BC, so it goes without saying they have been on this earth a good long while.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula

Also known as the made-by-hand mountain this huge complex located in Puebla, Mexico. It is said to have been made around the 3rd century BC through the 9th century AD and is an impressive 66 m (217 ft) in height with a base that perfectly measures 450 by 450 metres (1,480 by 1,480 ft).

The Pyramid of Caius Cestius

Said to be the tomb of Gaius Cestius, these amazingly preserved ancient buildings were built around 18–12 BC which does make them one of the youngest on this list, but none the less amazing to look at mostly thanks to its slabs of white marble.

The Tucume Pyramids

This pre-Hispanic site located in Peru is not just one pyramid, but an area which covers over 540 acres and encompassing 26 major pyramids and mounds! Said to be built around 800-1350 AD it is still used by local shaman healers today as a site to draw healing power from the Earth.

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The Sukuh Pyramid

Located on the western slope of Mount Lawu the Sukuh temple is said to be a monument to birth and sexual education! When you visit it you would have guessed this yourself by the 1.82 m tall phallus which is dotted around the main structure.

The La Quemada Pyramids

Part of a Mesoamerican complex in Mexico there is a number of destroyed Pyramids in that area which were often used as a fort. The most impressive pyramid in that area is the Votive Pyramid which stands proud and tall above the others with an impressive staircase leading up to the higher levels.

The Koh Ker Pyramid

This is probably the most impressive on this list as it is a stunning 7-tiered pyramid made of sandstone. Built around 921 AD it probably served as a state temple. These days it is a very popular tourist spot with a number of guests houses for people to stay in.

The Monks Mound Pyramid

Said to be the largest pyramid north of Mesoamerica it was constructed around 900–955 CE and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s so large that the base is bigger than the Great Pyramid at Giza!

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The Nubian Pyramids

Found in an area of the Nile valley known as Nubia the Nubian pyramids, they were built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms around 2500–1500 BC. While not all that impressive in size there is said to be 255 pyramids around that area which is quite surprising.

The Monte d’Accoddi Pyramids

This Neolithic pyramid is located in the territory of Sassari and it said to date around 4,000–3,650 BC. While a lot of the main structure was damaged around 3000 there is still a very clear pyramid structure to be seen and the view from the top of it is impressive to say the least, overlooking the fields going off into the distance.

Author: Gus Barge

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