Ten Novelty and Unusual Calculators You Can Buy Right Now

With technology changing all the time, I do have to feel sorry for the humble calculator. Surely their days are numbered with more and more apps that do exactly the same but cost literally nothing! So this top 10 is made out of respect for it, to make sure memories of it live on for generations to come. Without further ado, I bring you…



Calculator shaped like a game-pad
Calculator shaped like a game-pad

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It doesn’t matter what cool shapes you make it into the calculators days are numbered. That sounds like a punny joke, but it wasn’t meant to.

Calculator shaped like a corn cob

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Why on earth would anyone want a calculator shaped like a corn cob? Well maybe some people would like one for the kitchen but that is just about it, I find this very strange indeed.

old wooden calculator

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At just under a hundred thousand pounds this is officially the world’s most expensive calculator, and also one of the oldest portable ones that are still in working order.

Calculator that is also a lighter

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Back in its day, Casio not only made calculators there was the master of them! And this calculator that is also a cigarette lighter has classic 80’s retro written all over it.

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Credit Card Calculator

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Once again we go back to the early 90’s with this credit card calculator. I remember getting my first one for Christmas and was amazed at how thin it was. Nowadays I have a quad-core tablet that is much the same thickness. But for me, these are nostalgia gold.

Flexible calculator

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If you are looking for a calculator that is next to impossible to break this flexible silicone rubber one surely the right one for you. If you got one of these and travelled back in time just 30 years to show someone they would say it was witchcraft!

Calculator made of bamboo

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It might be rather pricey, but this very modern looking calculator is designed by Pierre Garner & Elise Berthier and is made from bamboo make it feel great in the hands.

Calculator shaped like a chocolate bar

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You wouldn’t want to eat it, but this chocolate calculator might well make a great gift for a chocoholic or sweet tooth. It would have been my number 1 if it was made of the stuff!

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Water powered calculator

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Actually powered by water this calculator adds a touch of science to the world of scientific calculators! I am so old I remember having to change the batteries in my calculator!

Calculator shaped like Lego

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Learning maths is very important because almost every aspect of life uses mathematics in one manner or another. From driving a car to using a computing and even playing music there are all governed by maths so making them in Lego shape it a great way to get kids and adults alike learning because without maths life could never exist.

Author: Gus Barge

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