Ten Amazing Accessories for Your Bicycle to Make It More Awesome

If you love your bicycle as much as I do you might want to own some of these amazing Accessories to attach to it. From the craziest of lights to things that are a lot more useful. These are what I think are ten of the most awesome bicycle accessories money can buy…

Colourful Bicycle Wheel Light with 42 Patterns
Colourful Bicycle Wheel Light with 42 Patterns

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A single light on your wheel is a good idea, but a whole wheel that is a light with 42 patterns turns your bicycle into a work of art. It runs on 3 x AAA batteries ( not included ) and apparently can last for 30 hours plus!

Grenade Bicycle Tire Valve

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While it is not something useful or practical it is something cool that will make you smile when you see them. Made from aluminium you get a pack of 4 so if someone does steal one you can simply replace it.

Velosock Indoor Bicycle Storage Cover

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If you have no outdoor storage or just want to keep the bicycle in the house these stylish covers are perfect for keeping the floors and leaning surfaces clean. They also come in a range of styles to suit your home or bicycle decor.

Multifunctional Bicycle Mount

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There are quite a few bicycle handle phone mounts out there, but this one holds a torch as well meaning you don’t need an extra mount for front facing lights.

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Bicycle Handlebar Turn Signal Light

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Riding around on your bicycle can be dangerous especially on a busy road late at night. One of those main dangers is when you turn a corner, especially if it cuts through the traffic, so these lights might make that manovour a little safer.

Aluminum Bicycle Saddle Water Bottle Holder

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If you can’t put your water bottle on the frame of your bicycle you could always get this one that locks onto the saddle. It’s not so easy to get to your drink while riding, but it is useful.

8MP Wide Angle Waterproof Bicycle Camera

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These handle mounted cameras are not just useful when involved in an accident, they also make for great YouTube uploads of all the daft things you see other people on the roads do.

Bike Laser Tail Light

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This accessory isn’t just a back red light, it also beams 2 lines on either side of the bicycle creating a virtual lane for people to avoid while travelling beside or behind you at night.

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Anti-Theft Bicycle Alarm

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There is nothing worse than having your bicycle stolen and while a lock is still the best method of keeping it safe this alarm that sounds when the bike is moved is an extra bit of security.

Multifunction Bicycle Bag

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You could stash a bottle of water in this bag as well as a few other things and it even has a touch window to hold your phone which is perfect for those rainy days.

Author: Gus Barge

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