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Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

While out walking the dog in the woods I often see Conifer cones all over the floor, just about everywhere. But the other day I saw someone collecting them (hundreds of them) and wondered what on earth they could make or indeed do with all that make pine cones. Well, it seems there are quite a lot of options, but I thought I would bring you just 10…

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones


Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into Christmas decorations

10 – Life at the tip of colour.

This idea to use pine cones with coloured tips as a Christmas tree decoration is one great idea and a great way to start this top 10 off. Fun to make and great to look at, they are sure to make a great talking point for anyone who sees them.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pinecone Monsters

9 – Monster Cones

Why not make some of these fun pinecone monsters with the kids and hang them up all around the garden! They are more than enough to scare the bird away.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into Turkeys

8 – Gobble, Gobble!

While it might be better to make these around Christmas time, the general idea of turning a pine cone into a turkey is a fun thing to do at any time of the year! Please do check out the image link (by clicking on it) to see the other pine cone ideas the page offers as their all good.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into Owl

7 – The Wise old Cone.

What is not to like about making a lovable baby own from a pine cone? It just doesn’t matter how old you are, this would be a fun thing to make, I will definitely be trying to make one of these myself. FYI: there is a nice making guide to be seen by clicking on the image.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Paint dipped pine cones

6 – Dip ’em, Stack em!

Nothing is more simple than dipping the pine cones into some coloured paint and placing them in a glass display vase. It looks great, simple to do and can bring a nice touch of colour to any home. Well, worth a go I think!

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into Bird Feeder

5 – Put it back on the tree!

The perfect way to put a pine cone back into nature is to change it into a rather cool bird feeder! I won’t go into details on how to make one here, but there is a full making guide to be found and indeed seen by clicking on the image. I rather like this idea.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into wedding toppers

4 – The perfect day.

There pine cone wedding toppers are the perfect way to make a wedding day and indeed wedding cake stand out from the crowd. Cheap, beautiful and strangely awesome as well! Please do click on the image like to see the others photos from this wedding as they are well worth seeing.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into basket for bicycle

3 – Basket Case

While it would be hard to make one ourselves, this bicycle baskets made of pine cones it rather amazing and really creative. If I had made this basket I would ride around collecting berries and wildflowers. (Translated means: A loaf of bread from the local shop)

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cone Spider for Halloween

2 – Trick or Tree?

This pine cone spider is simple to make, and is a great idea for a Halloween decoration. Best of all is that if the day is even slightly dry the pine cone will open up and look even scarier! Might well have to make some of these I think, they look fun.

Top 10 Things to do With Pine Cones

Pine Cones Turned into Mulch

1 –  Back to basics.

Why would you use Pinus coulteri cones as garden mulch? Well it stops local cats and other animals (including all slugs) from digging and indeed pooping on the garden, it will eventually break down into plant food, it looks amazing and the very best thing is that it offers spiders an ideal home and if done close to the house can prevent up to 80% of all spiders going into the house, because they will happily make a nest in the pine cones!


  1. Jacelyn Lowerson says:

    Amazing uses of pine cones, I saw your pine cone boarder as well on Google+, good job Russ.

  2. gus22m says:

    And a mighty army of pine cone minions it would be!

  3. tmforal says:

    This looks very interesting! I have a sidden urge to find a whole bunch of pine cones and make a boatload of minions…

  4. gus22m says:

    The bicycle basket is indeed amazing. Did you post about your pine cones, as I would love to see them!

  5. Those are absolutely brilliant! :-) And I used to just think they were useful as firelighters (at which they are excellent by the way!)

    I have sprayed them silver on the tips before for Christmas but that dipping them in different coloured paint and storing them in a jar as home decoration is superb and looks really great.

    Was very taken with the bicycle basket too but not sure I’d have the patience…

  6. gus22m says:

    Having made one myself I know it is great fun. But like you guessed already it is a little messy.

  7. Reggie says:

    Oooh, the DIY bird-feeder is a nice idea… looks like a very gooey process, though, covering them with peanut-butter and then rolling them in bird-seed… The other ideas are very clever too!

  8. modestyking says:

    Hmm. Use to make a hairstyle? Sort of like a hair curler, but pinecone style?
    Use it for extreme baseball or extreme dodgeball?
    Use a bunch to make your own Christmas tree? In fact, stick colorful lights in them, that’d be cool! A decoration thing, but I’m running out of ideas.

  9. Oh I like that! I will have to try it ans take some images.

  10. Gina Gaines says:

    Here’s another one: dip the end in wax and use as a fire starter. Great blog! Thanks for following mine.

  11. It is great fun for the kids to make some, the animals are always worth a go. If you are going to make any of them just click on the images and it will take you to the making guides.

  12. Xraypics says:

    Very creative, I’ll refer back to this when trying to find things for the grand-children to do on a lazy sunday afternoon. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for following! – Tony

  13. Thank you so much, some people have some very creative uses for them indeed.

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