Ten of the Worlds Oldest Newspapers That Are Still in Circulation
While newspapers are slowly dying in readership numbers due to more and more people consuming their news online, there are still a few die-hard newspapers still going, that have been going for a lot longer than you might imagine. Sure, some of these are now online only rather than print, but they are still going in some way…
The Top 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World
This is one of those top ten lists that makes it into a pub quiz. While most people might say English as the world’s most spoken language it barely makes it into the top 3! But how many of the top 5 spoken languages can you name? Let’s find out what they are and what percentage of the world speaks …
The Top 10 Most Commonly-Used Words in English
Not only are these ten words the most common ones used in a survey of thousands of English language books, but they are often the most commonly used words in people blogs and various newspapers and magazines. However, they are used we seem to use them a lot…

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