Top 10 Ways Online Gambling Has Made Casinos Up Their Game

Top 10 Ways Online Gambling Has Made Casinos Up Their Game

Whenever people think of gambling or are asked to conjure up an image of the ultimate casino experience, more often than not Las Vegas comes to mind, as do places such as Atlantic City and, more recently, Macau. From the scenes of the rat pack playing with the high rollers to the glitz, glamour and allure of the Las Vegas strip, the casino is a place with a storied history. With emergence of the internet, however, the gambling landscape has changed almost beyond recognition.

Before the dawn of online gambling and virtual casinos, people would have to go to gambling shops, racetracks, or the storied casinos to which we referred earlier. To this day, of course, there are those who will only ever bet, gamble or play card games in persons, soaking up the atmosphere that only these places can provide. But there are also those who either gamble online exclusively or prefer a mix of online and in-person gambling experiences, as fits their choice.

1: Convenience and Comfort Considered

There are many reasons why people choose to indulge in online gambling, and the growing phenomena continues to challenge the traditional gambling establishments in some ways. For many, it is the convenience and comfort of having time to play roulette online where they could not make the time to go to a casino. This offers both the comfort of playing at home, and the convenience to play online as they are nowhere near a betting shop, racetrack or casino, but each will have their own reason.

2: Replicating Roulette and Casino Experiences

Most casinos and casinos owning companies will, by now, have developed their own online version of the classic casino card games, slots, and roulette wheels. In doing so, they are harnessing the attraction of the virtual experience while gently reminding people of their brand, their in-person choice, if you will.

3: Giving Casinos More Accessibility

Although the convenience of being able to gamble online, from your phone, your table any time of day, anywhere in the world can be enticing, it perhaps cannot genuinely provide the experience of in-person activities. Put simply, the more welcoming and accessible the ambiance may be, the more likely folk will get off their app and onto the casino floors.

4: Making Owners Bring Back the Buzz to Casinos

From the buzz of facing off against other players around the poker table to enjoying the excitement of hours on the slots, side by side with fellow players and with the added facilities for food, drink, and general entertainment, casinos do have something unique. But reminding customers of this is something online casino play has forced them to do.

5: Marketing Efforts Doubled and Delivered

To keep their businesses attractive, even the Vegas giants are doubling their marketing efforts and taking notice of the online gambling competition.

In a way, marketing the casino experience is not as difficult as it may seem, but it is certainly not easy either, especially with so many places to go in the large gambling cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. We all know the power of marketing in the casino industry, and as virtual gambling takes over for many, the big players can still be drawn to the casino floor, which is exactly what companies really want.

6: Casino Courses: Making Casinos A Learning Environment

Part of what casino companies with websites, apps, and online gaming platforms are looking to do is use this medium as a learning tool, and this is something casinos are starting to do more often. Seen by many as the gateway to enjoy the thrill of in-person gambling, there are websites dedicated to tutorials about what to play, how to play, how to extend your abilities in certain games or betting methods. With casino apps doing this, it helps encourage people to come in person.

7: Ensuring Casinos Deliver All Games That Online Platforms Do

People love choice. Gamblers love options. When you look at online casino gameplay, for example, the games adopt the same rules you would find in any physical casino. For some, however, the limits that are placed on these betting sites are helpful, ensuring they do not bet above their means and can play within responsible limits. That said, the vast majority of those who go to casinos also play responsibly, and having some online platforms to guide, and where they can both play for fun and learn from others is certainly a boost to the gambling industry in general terms.

8: Safeguards and Regulation

For most, gambling is a safe and pleasurable pastime, something they do within their fiscal means. Online casinos are highly regulated, with self, as well as platform-imposed limits and a level of cybersecurity that is reassuring to players. For casinos, this has made them ensure that the safety and regulatory elements of their establishments must be top notch, giving people confidence from the minute they set foot in the casino.

9: Upping the Entertainment and Hospitality Factor

When people gamble online, they want it to be fun. When people go to the effort of going out, visiting a casino, and looking for a true experience, it is up to the casino to deliver that in spades. With so much competition for players, casinos now must ensure that they offer more than must gameplay, but a full, all round, total, and unrivalled entertainment experience. From dining to shows and more, hospitality is now a major factor.

10: Constant Evolution Required

So, to return to the original thesis of this article, the online gambling industry not only challenges traditional establishments, but it can also become part and parcel of how they improve their experience and harness the power of the virtual Vegas landscape. One thing online casino can do is evolve constantly, almost in real time. In turn, this means that bricks and mortar casinos must evolve too, keeping up with what players want, expect, demand, delight in, and most importantly, are willing to leave home for.

Author: Gus Barge

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