10 Best Ways to Grow Your TikTok Audience

10 Best Ways to Grow Your TikTok Audience

TikTok has introduced short video content on social media. The video format of TikTok and the overall content type has people hooked and hence TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms as well. Since this revolution came around, social media marketers have had a keen interest in building a business on TikTok as well. This is where this article comes to the rescue. Since everyone doesn’t have the expertise to capitalize on this popularity surge of TikTok nor do they have the cash to buy TikTok followers, we’re here to spread the word and teach you some tips.

Well, a simple way to go about gaining followers on TikTok is by investing in high-quality engagement from some of the best sites available out there. Well, the followers you buy will gain you more followers organically and hence you should look out for any such services. But more on that later. There are a lot of ways you can maintain and grow your audience on TikTok which is what we’re going to discuss today. So without further ado let’s jump right in.

1. When to post

Knowing when to post and not, is one of the biggest factors that govern the number of views you get on your profile and hence grow your audience. Well, this can be easily understood if you take a look at your detailed analytics. Since TikTok does not give you an in-depth view of your audience there are services out there that can do that for you. Having the information about when your audience is active and posting at that time can make your videos get tons of views and hence pour in organic followers as well.

2. Using hashtags

Well, every social media platform has hashtags. This is because hashtags are how their search engine works. When you type in a certain hashtag, you get to see every post that contains that hashtag, and hence if you put relevant ads on your videos they have a higher chance of going viral. Using hashtags is the best way to see your audience grow and is a completely free way of coming to the limelight. Hence you should research and put good hashtags on your videos to boost them on TikTok.

3. Using the duet feature

Using the duet feature is essentially a way of collaborating with other TikTok influencers. However, this does not require you to go through the long way of deliberations and whatnot. When you duet with someone, then you both get the benefit of the views and hence the original content creator has no problem either. Also, making a duet pours more followers into your account because the one that you duet with makes the same type of content and has the same type of audience as yours and hence they follow your profile as well.

10 Best Ways to Grow Your TikTok Audience

4. Choose a niche

Choosing a niche is perhaps the most important thing on TikTok. If you don’t get it clear what type of content creator you are, then there is no way people are going to follow you. This is because people want to follow accounts that create a particular type of content. If you can be that content creator for them, then you’re going to get a lot of followers via word of mouth. Once you choose a vertical stick to it and revolve your content around it. This will make sure you get a following from a particular type of people who like to see the type of content you’re creating.

5. Buy TikTok followers

One of the best ways to increase followers on TikTok is to buy them and this is no joke. TikTok followers require some social proof to follow you, as is the rule for other social media platforms as well. However, on your initial days having a large number of followers who can act as social proof for newer users is difficult. This is where buying TikTok followers comes in. If you buy genuine TikTok followers then, you’re sure to receive a hell of a lot of organic engagement which is going to be perfect for your growth. However, not every website out there is going to give you 100% genuine engagement, and hence we recommend using Viralyft, Getviral, or socialpackages.net.

6. Maintain the quality of your videos

Once you start getting followers and an audience don’t let the quality of your videos drop. Keep coming up with creative ideas and keep creating good content. This is because a lot of people when getting their initial popularity surge then stop making much effort and slowly die out. If you don’t want that to happen to your account then you should be focusing on keeping equality high as usual.

7. Keep an eye on the competition

Keeping an eye on the competitors is a very important aspect of growing on TikTok. You have to watch out for the competition in your niche so that you can be aware of the trends to follow, you can make sure to have the right people to look up to and hence create content that serves your audience right. Since you know that a piece of content is going to work with the type of audience you have, you can make your version of it and get more views and followers.

10 Best Ways to Grow Your TikTok Audience

8. Length of your videos

On TikTok, you have a limit of posting videos that are up to 60 seconds long. However, people who saw the greatest engagement on their videos had one thing in common, that is the length of the video being 30 seconds long. Any longer would reduce the user’s attention and hence 30 seconds mark is the area to look at when creating a TikTok also, shorter TikToks aren’t able to convey what you’re trying to say, and hence what you should be focusing on is getting your video around 30 seconds.

9. Engage with fans

Once you start receiving a lot of messages and comments, don’t just turn a blind eye towards them. Reply to the good comments and ignore the bad ones. Take criticism constructively and improve the quality of your videos. If you’re able to understand that and put that into practice then it’s going to be a great help for your TikTok profile.

10. Collaborate and win

Collaboration is the key to success on TikTok. Apart from duels on their videos if two TikTok influencers feature in a single video then it’s going to yield great results for you both. Since you both belong to the same niche there would be a nice exchange of audience and you both will benefit from it. Hence collaborations are a must when it comes to growing your audience on TikTok.


The ten tips mentioned above have been very successful in bringing people to the top on TikTok and market their business in the end. Also if you’re just trying to be an influencer TikTok is a great platform and these tips will surely help you reach that stature. In conclusion, if you’re trying to grow your audience then make sure to put these hacks into practice and you will see your account boom.

Author: Gus Barge

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