Top 10 Sites and Apps to Play Free Slot Machines

While playing with real money is all well and good on sites such as Easyslots, sometimes it is just nice to enjoy some free slots. Whether it be the classic games on free-play of a charitable night of free spins on games you have never heard of before. All these sites have free slot machines for you to play…

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While it doesn’t have the big-name games, there is still loads of fun to be had on this site and no deposit or signup needed. Perfect for a slow Sunday evening.

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With a good selection of weird name games, there is more than enough slot games here to keep you busy for weeks.

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While it often tries to get you to install Adobe Flash Play (you really don’t need to do that) most of the site is great if you are in the mood to try a slot game that is something new and unusual.

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While it doesn’t have the biggest name games, it does have a great selection the site is clean, loads fast and as far as I know doesn’t have many broken URLs.

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As with a lot of these free slot games websites, there is a massive collection to be had here, but quite a lot of them lead to broken links and badly redirected URL’s.

Lucky Slots:Free Slot Machines
Lucky Slots:Free Slot Machines

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This is one of the very best free slots apps available. It might look like it only has one game to play, but in fact loads more that are unlockable.

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While this site doesn’t have the biggest selection box, what there is loads super fast and is really easy to navigate through.

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While they claim to have over 3,000 free slot games, many of them are broken links and no longer work. But still, a very impressive selection even if it is hard to navigate.

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While it does have quite a few bugs on the site, mostly it works really well and has some big name slots to play. More than enough to keep you amused for a few hours during those quiet work days.

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Featuring the biggest of games like KISS, Super Monopoly Money and Rainbow Riches, this is the best free slots site on the web. While it doesn’t give you the most amazing amount of free credit you can always refresh the page and keep playing on!

Author: Gus Barge

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